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Buying a house

Posted by MadCatLady - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

There are quite a few regions in France where one can find enclaves of British people, including Normandy, the Vendée, Dordogne and the south of France, as well as in Brittany, but the numbers are still very small in comparison to the indiginous population. The British tend to favour those regions which have a coastline or are quite close. Far fewer are found in central and eastern France for example. A number of people have referred in various forums to the "real" France, but the country is so diverse that it is virtually impossible to categorise anything as the real France. From the Alps to the Limousin to the Auvergne to the Cote d'Azure, they are each like separate countries and cultures, the main common ground connecting them being the language. Even the language has its variations from one region to another. So France has much to offer and a fair bit of time is needed to study the area in which you might chose to live, perhaps sampling several before deciding, but access to family and friends will often be a major factor in this process.

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Posted by one4all-436374 - 3 years ago

Agree with Orme2. There are many "Brit" enclaves in Central Brittany, as properties are cheaper. Nearer the coast properties are considerably more expensive and consequently fewer folk from the UK. It would appear that many people deliberately choose one or the other sector specifically for that reason.

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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

I don't know any British people here on the Morbihan coast either.  I do, however, know two Dutch, a German, a Mexican, a Russian, two Spanish and two Americans.  Neither have I ever heard someone call Brittany 'little Britain', although I've been told there are British enclaves in central Brittany.


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Posted by BaldEagle-974213 - 3 years ago

I agree with steverockers. We live on the edge of a small  town in central Finistere. We see English folk during the holiday season and have two English couples as friends. That's it!

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Posted by steverockers-392585 - 3 years ago

Rubbish !!  The ex pat population is Brittany is a tiny percentage of the local population.  We lived in Brittany (near Dinan) for 12 years and had hardly any contact with other Brits apart from, perhaps, buying and selling on AI.  It is great area to live provided you do your homework first so that you know what you are letting yourself in for.

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Posted by brian2bin - 3 years ago

If you want the real France Brittany is the last place to live it is full of expats and has the nickname of Little Britain you would be as well moving to UK.

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Posted by steverockers-392585 - 3 years ago

It looks as though you might be Jersey citizens.  This means that EU rules regarding health care etc do not apply.  Not a problem with a second home but a big problem if you become a French resident.  Also, you would not be allowed to work without a work permit and you would be required tio have 100% private health insurance.

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

We have recently gone through this process. Many posters have given good advice. From our experience I would reiterate, comment as follows:

+ Get a good map and check out the weather for the year - decide on priorities such as cities, schools, overseas visits. Do you want a garden or not.

+ Buy via a Notaire but dont expect Estate Agency service - they have many properties to sell.

+ It is a buyers market use that - drive the price hard at least a 30% reduction on the price quoted.

+ Treat renovations carefully - legal builders in France give a 10yr warranty on their work - DIY does not.. Expect to see the contractors documentation.

+ Think about insulation, heating and services costs  you may need a new fosse

+ If you find a house but dont get movement in price move on there will be others

It takes a long time is very comprehensive compared to the UK, can be enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure. Finally, do not sell up in the UK or expect to make money on your French house like the UK - the best you may achieve is to recover the costs you spend.

Bon chance



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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

A must is that you should both learn to drive before you come here permanently not just for shopping socialising but also things like trips to the doctor marie CPAM Prefecture etc

You must be aware that if you are not married then if either of you dies the survivor will pay 60% tax this applies to both sexes not just "the ladies" as has been indicated;there are ways round this but if you get married after it may cause further problems.

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Posted by JLJ-429896 - 3 years ago

Keep your house in Britain and buy a modestly priced house here.