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Car insurance difficulty

Posted by foureyes-10044529 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by buster-784461 - 3 years ago

No I couldnt get round this  when i had been driving a friends car for 3 yrs! even though I reinsured with the co. i was using 3 ys previously.

Just did the 3rd party assurance with minimum km.

But it does go down a bit each year!

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 3 years ago

It looks pretty clear cut, if you don't have a UK no claims bonus, you won't be entitled to one here, so all that you can do is to shop around for the best deal, but it won't be cheap.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

There is an AXA agent here:-

Dinan http://infosheet.angloinfo.com/angloagence8211frenchinsuranceandfinance/

They speak english which is handy for you to be able to explain you NCB situation.

Bear in mind that vehicle insurance in France is more expensive than the UK.

You could also try getting quotes from the french "go compare" internet sites like assurland. 

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

Have a chat with the guys at http://www.bml.fr , 02 96 39 04 49.

They speak English, offer competitive prices and I have made a couple of claims on policies I hold with them

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 3 years ago

Freda Checks, I think you will find the OP has not had a car for 8 years rather than had an accident , or at least that's how the post reads to me.

Foueyes, could you not go back to your previous insurer?  They might be able to help.

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Posted by Freda Checks - 3 years ago

Ah, I see! When you cancelled your previous insurance did you get a final statement from your insurance company stating that you had a full NCB? If they gave you nothing like this you will be unable to prove your claims free history.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

They weren't driving in London so have no 'recent' history of NCB-6 years missing.Do you have any paperwork to show NCB before the 6 years no driving in London?

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Posted by Freda Checks - 3 years ago

Oops, see that you are living in London and do not have an NCB!! I lived in London and built up my NCB.....

So assume that you have recently made a claim on your insurance.........in which case you will have to pay the full amount.

The previous years count for nothing.....


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Posted by foureyes-10044529 - 3 years ago

Thanks for your reply.  Just to be clear, we don't have a no claims bonus, as we have been living in London for 6 years with no car.  

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Posted by Freda Checks - 3 years ago

Most good insurance companies will accept a UK No Claims Bonus, it may have to be translated though.

Best check with a good insurance agent or even your French bank.