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CFE for auto entrepreneur

Posted by normandyranger - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by ethix98-606841 - 4 years ago


Thanks for your advice so far. There is very little discussion on AI Midi Pyrenees with the exception of one person who confirmed your points via a discussion I instigated

As I work mainy within computer support I have never been sure if this classes me as an Artisan and therefore not sure if I need to register with Chambres de Metiers

Please,  if I do register with the CM what supporting documents do they require.

For CFE payments my personal bank account used for  standing order payment last year still shows valid but I have not yet hit the pay button to be sure. I retire next may aged  65 so currently don't do much work. I will wind up then. Apart from maintaining my health cover via RSI I wonder if all this is worth the effort particularly if I have to open a business account.

Is opening a biz account really obligatoire?



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Posted by Lapin-436112 - 4 years ago

I registered with the CCI last week, filled out the form and supplied all documents requested. got a confirmation back from them yesterday they have received it and it is complete and now transfered to the different companies. :)

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Posted by stroller-817057 - 4 years ago

Just to let others know, I printed off the Impot Avis / Notice with the facture / bill number on it and took it to the tax office and paid by cheque without any problems.

I try to avoid giving outside access to bank details if I can help it. So I prefer paying by cheque.

Not sure if you could pay it without taking the facture / bill number in with you? But say you do not have a computer and I am sure you could!

So problem sorted and many thanks to people on AI who have been a great help!

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Posted by bigyellowbumblebee - 4 years ago

Hi everyone, 

I have been able to log on and find my reference de l'avis and pay for it.  But i can't seem to find away to see and Print the FULL Avis d'impots.  Does anyone know how to do this? 


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Posted by Jimbob-91864 - 4 years ago

Just wanted to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who has helped and posted on this thread...new bank account - check......on line for CFE...check.....found the avis number for CRf...check....payment made for CFE...check....registered with Chambre de Commerce...check ( well forms completed and posted ) If I hadnt had the help and advice it would have taken me much much longer... great when a plan works !  THANKYOU !

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 4 years ago

If you want to pay by clicking 'payer' on the screen where you view your avis, but you need to set up a different bank account because you opened a business bank account this year, you have to make a request to 'adhérer' to the service. This involves printing off the form, signing it and sending it by post to your tax office. Don't do what I did, which was generate the form and then do nothing with it, and sit there like an eejit wondering why a week later it still hadn't been validated.

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Posted by louisep-438231 - 4 years ago

Finally managed to pay mine too!  I don't think I am too daft but as the site's a mess it took far too long to find my avis number!  For those of you that have already set up bank details from last year and wish to use them again then I suggest the best way to pay (as Karen says) is via the impots.gouv.fr website - professionals.  However you do need your CFE avis number that is available at 'mon espace professionals - 'consulter compte fiscals' then access par impot' then 'contrib. economique territoriale' and then across to 'contisation foncieres des enterprises ou TP' then across to 'avis d'imposition' where finally you should see your avis number and amount owed etc.  

I went back out to Impots.gouv.fr professionals and went into je paye directement en ligne la  CFE et taxe fonciere.  It asks you for your fiscal number (Your siren and then it will ask you for avis number (13 numbers).

Phew! well that was a few hours wasted and now might as well go off and make a cup of tea!


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Posted by Karen-381938 - 4 years ago

Just managed to pay after a great deal of hassle (took ages to find the reference of the tax bill as well).

When you are in your espace professional there is an option to pay your tax bills, click on that and you are asked for your fiscal tax reference or your siren number. Make sure you put your siren number in, you will then be asked for the reference of the tax bill you want to pay. Put that in and you should get the amount to pay on the screen. If you're already set up to pay taxes on line, it will show the bank account, select that and the payment will be made.

If you haven't already got an arrangement in place, you will need to do that first.

Hope this is of help


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Posted by Jimbob-91864 - 4 years ago

last year I think I paid on line from my bank account - although I am not sure, may have sent a cheque...Does anyone know if I put in my bank details will it automatically take the money out ? If not I will have to give them a call and see if anyone there knows !!!.....

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Posted by Minette-426629 - 4 years ago


My experience exactly - in the end I phoned the Tresor Public .  The answer was that as I had set up a prélèvement à l'écheance (direct debit) this was still going to work and the payment would be debited automatically at the end of the December.  He checked my actual record to make sure that this was the case as I couldn't find it confirmed anywhere after I had logged in.  So if you paid by direct debit last year this is probably the same.  If you didn't, I can't help I'm afraid - that website made my head spin.