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changing name on passport after marriage

Posted by mel56120 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by janes-394036 - 3 years ago

Hi 58fr

I think you will find if you read her post that the OP said she presumed she would have to change her name on her passport. Many of us replied saying that this was not the case. Seems fair enough to me.

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Posted by 56fr - 3 years ago

I feel sorry for this post(er); i m not sure she asked for the anglo forum community advice on IF she should do it; i think the question was HOW to do it.

Maybe if you don t have the answer to the question refrain for putting an opinion on... just makes life a little more helpful......just saying....and just my opnion...if you want it or not....

I m off to answer a post on why someone SHOULD send a collismo....maybe they might want my opinion...you never know it might help them.....

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Posted by 001sugarplum - 3 years ago

I changed everything to my married name. Certainly is essential if you want to stay in the same hotel room as your husband in Muslim countries! Other than that I don't see any particular benefits.

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Posted by Tryval - 3 years ago

My French wife uses her own name for everything, no need to change but you do what you want,

Best Wishes.

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Posted by 56fr - 3 years ago

Congratulations...i ve changed my name. I got a copy if my marriage certificate translated offically. Then sent it to the passport agency along with the usual stuff. I found it easier to have the same surname as my child; saves having to convince immigration i m not child smuggling and you are actuallt on the livret de famille...not an added extra at the back...

Then i changed the carte vitale...

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

when travelling the name on your passport must be the same as the booking name carrying your marriage certificate will cut no ice with a jobsworth.If you really want to change it change now or wait till renewal

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Posted by mel56120 - 3 years ago

thank you to all your replies, I would like to change my maiden name to that of my husbands and I did sign my marriage certification with my new married name, though obviously if I carry my marriage certificate with my passport, that will cover all bases when travelling and indentification, I just was not sure of the laws and if I was required to change my passport. thanks again for your advice!

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Posted by janes-394036 - 3 years ago

As the other posters say. You do not have to change your passport. I never did and have continued to use my original name on everything.

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Posted by Lumbersexual-992851 - 3 years ago

My wife kept her passport in her name.

 Changing is not required and an unecessary expense.



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Posted by blahblahblah-924845 - 3 years ago

I think you cannot get the carte nationale d'identite until you become a french national. If you have acquired french nationality by naturalisation here is a link for the carte;


http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/N111.xhtml (french nationality stuff!)

And as Countrydweller says the Mairie is normally very helpful.