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Posted by sparkyjo-393076 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Busterboy - 3 years ago

Yes its the units consumed that you have to check!

With all of todays gadgets /standbys etc; the consumption can creep up without realising!

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Posted by Rudge - 3 years ago

It all depends on what you use electric for, and lifestyle . I have just had ny annual ususge summary with my latest edf bill , it was 559 Euros a year , I use LED bulbs , all electric cooking , ( Induction hob and small oven) electric water heating , LED TV , 2 refrigerators,washing machine , freezer etc . I have some electric panel heaters I put on when temeperature outside is zero, to supplement my wood burner . It keeps creeping up, but is less than I paid in the UK 3 years ago . 

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

You do not say what type of heating you have your usage etc as you may be on the wrong plan for your current life style.Electricity costs are getting higher and higher and changing companies may or may not save you much.It may be worth getting EDF to send someone round to do a review of your usage if you have not done so already and/or to look at your insulation.You can contact them via their website or the helpline.

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Posted by Janouk - 3 years ago

I found this I don't know if it's any help


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Posted by Janouk - 3 years ago

I found these very helpful: - 


and someone else on here recommended: -