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Compulsary change from Autoentreprenure to Micro entreprise???

Posted by Renard35 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by mns-438759 - 4 years ago

Take my advise and get some help now, they changed my husbands last year without telling us, we have just finished paying the extra cotistations they charged us for last year along with the normal ones, contact an account or someone who can help you or contact RSI direct, they are trying to get rid of AE after we were all happy with the procedure.


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Posted by Yasminh14 - 4 years ago

I've started another thread about the Stage Prealable d'Installation, but haven't had much response.  I'm wondering if anyone else has any info about this.  For me, it would be a total waste of time and money, as I'm just doing a bit of freelance admin work for a company I used to work for.  I was helped to do my online AE application by a professional who offered to help me, but he clearly didn't know about any of these new obligations, otherwise I would have chosen another designation.  The one he put for me (admin services) comes under the artisan umbrella, and therefore means in theory that I now have to register at the RM and do the course, costing about €250, which I think is outrageous!  I don't see any way around it.  What do others think?

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Posted by ingetje - 4 years ago

exactly! and CCI or CFE....they are under one roof and have the same job. if you search for CCI you end up at CFE and vice versa.

from their website:

Frais CFE : prestation Formalités+ : 60 euros à l’ordre de la CCI

so if they help you fill in the forms they charge you 60 euros for it, if you do it yourself then its free but you have to be sure its right done, so actually 60 euros is not that bad if they do it for you and you cna be sure its done right :)



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Posted by LangeHaas - 4 years ago

60 euros is what you pay if they help you with the formalities or if you ask them for any assistance, as per january 1st.

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Posted by normandyranger - 4 years ago

Here is a definitive link to the pdf giving you all the info needed


This are some inportant notes

What other obligations?
You must open a bank account dedicated to your business entrepreneur (separate from
your personal bank account).
If you are a merchant, you must register one in the commercial register (SCR).
If you are a craftsman, you must register one in the trades (RM) and follow
internship prior to installation (average cost € 250).
In 2 cases, you are exempt from registration fees.
Auto-entrepreneurs, artisans and merchants, already in operation will have to register 2
(Cerfa 15260 * 01) RCS RM or before 19 December 2015.
If you exercise some craft activities, you must provide proof of qualification
">corresponding to your professional activity (listed on the site www.lautoentrepreneur.fr>
Useful Documents) (Cerfa No. 14077 * 01).
You started your business before 2015 and you realized a turnover
2014: you will pay for TAX3 Chamber of Commerce and Industry fresh or trades
and Crafts in 2015.
Start your business in 2015 and you will realize a turnover in 2015:
you will have to pay this tax in 2016 3.
If you are a commercial agent, you must register the special register of agents
Commercial (Cerfa No. 13847 * 03) with the registry of your home Commercial Court
professional (see www.greffes.formalites.fr site).
In all cases, the entrepreneur activity does not exempt you take:
mandatory professional insurance according to the activity (the references
Insurance must be on quotations and invoices);
insurance to cover your business assets and those of your clients.
Printed and notices mentioned in this guide can be downloaded from the following websites:
Documents utiles ">• www.lautoentrepreneur.fr> Useful documents
Professionnels > Services en ligne et formulaires. ">• www.service-public.fr> Professionals> Online Services and Forms.
1. On printed paper: registration application included in the registration process - Online Internet Registration:
formalities to be completed at CFE (see page 6)
2. Formality performing at CFE (see page 6).
3. Unless you are lessor in furnished.

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Posted by ingetje - 4 years ago

They might not have the right forms yet as it is new and everything takes time in France...you have until December 15 to complete this registration so no hurry!

but as you say, the 60 euros is for admin charges (for the CFE that is!) because they filled in your form! you might not have understood it like that but that is how it is....

was at CFE this week so very sure, they told me so :)  but if you do it without them and fill the forms in yourself then there is no charge.



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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

No the 60€ charge is for any admin changes and you can't get the paperwork as even the CCI doesn't have the new stuff they modify the old forms ..


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Posted by ingetje - 4 years ago

you could have avoided the 60 euros and have done it yourself :)

because CFE charges 60 euros now for every appointment you take with them if you need help or have any questions! it used to be free before 01/01/2015! shame.

I will just be doing the paperwork myself and hand it to them :)

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

Oh and sole trader unregistered doesn't exist anymore , and paying an accountant to do it is a waste of money , they do it on the spot for you , cut out the middleman ..


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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

OK stop chatting around the facts , did mine this morning had to change to a Micro enterprise as the AE is phased out  , there is no choice it is Obligatorie , costs 60€ and you do have to have a seperate bank account now .. The reason why everyone wasn't informend was because they only told users who had left an e-mail address , the rest will be informed by mail at some point .. Must be done before the end of 2015 .. and now the limit has been lowered to a 4000€ income where the sign up is compulsery .. The rate of 14% hasn't changed but your CFE payments will now be judged on your turnover ...  I got it from the horses mouth this morning , they themselves are still baffled by the change ...