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Credit Agricole

Posted by kellyorchard - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

I use PayPal, probably not the best rates but very quick and easy.

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Posted by 56fr - 3 years ago

i transfer monthly from my french CA to a UK account. Its about 3 euros in charges and takes abour 4 days max...

You have to go to the CA and set it up, but make sure they do it correctly as they sometimes there are problems with them using the swift number, which i m not sure exists here, but certainly they need the iban number and then your bank account details... Once it is set up, just email the bank and tell them how much you want to send...i email the account manager who is my point of contact...




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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

Using T-wise, there are 2 methods the simplest is where the money can be uploaded to them straight from a debit card, just the same as you make any other online payment and there shouldn't be any need to set other things up with or through the bank, everything can be done online or from a mbl. As before I've found this a much simpler system than using the mainstream 4x companies, you can transfer from virtually any currency into any other.

The second method is using the more traditional route of uploading the money from your bank account - however this would have to set up with your bank.

other point - apologies, figures were wrong in my last post,  it was roughly 1% they have charged me in the past to receive a transfer, don't know if this has changed over the last 3>4 years but I'll find out in the next couple of days when the transfer from yesterday goes into the account.

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Posted by winda1 - 3 years ago

Thanks everyone for this info.  I didn't realise I got charged for these acknowledgement of deposit letters from CA.... .what a swiz!  Would also like to point out they charge you €30+ something for that lovely informative monthly posted booklet 'dossier familialle' each year.  If you dont want to pay, go into your branch and cancel it.  I read it in my laundrette when I go, as for some reason there are always copies 'free' to take!  I had been paying this fee for 10 years unawares!!!  Hope that helps someone out there!

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Posted by tinabee - 3 years ago

The online method only works for EURO accounts  - that's why I said don't tranfer to a UK sterling account. Kelly asked how to set up a transfer to a French account.

Also, if you are receiving and paying for a letter from CA for every international transfer into your account, you can tell the bank not to send the letters.

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Posted by Ready Brek - 3 years ago

Yes, I got told that as well luap1,  went through the process with CA,  many visits later told sorry it won't work for a UK bank account. May have been something to do with not being in the Euro zone,  but I can't remember now.

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Posted by luap1 - 3 years ago


I spoke to my CA Branch last week about making an International Transfer.

You cannot set it up yourself on your online account - your branch has to do it ( and it has to done by your own branch ). Once they have set it up on your account you'll be able to do future transfers online yourself by clicking on "virements" to that particular beneficiary.  This process would have to be repeated to add any other beneficiaries.  You can download a form / formulaire from your CA A/c  to start this process but your branch still need your signed copy of the form.

Easier to go into your branch and take with you:

Beneficiary Account Name / Account Number / Sort Code 

Beneficiary Bank Name and Address

Beneficiary  IBAN Number and Swift Code.

As someone has mentioned , it's perhaps easier in the long run to set up an account with Currency Fair ( broker ).  In the first instance you'll still need your CA bank to set them up to your account, but in the future you would be able to transfer online into your Currency Fair A/c , but then be able yourself to onward send to whoever, via  Currency Fair.

Make sure your CA Branch knows that you want a  International Transfer ( costing 3.90€ ) and not an International Bank Transfer ( costing 37€ ).

Hope this helps.





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Posted by Ready Brek - 3 years ago


Has anyone ever tried Tinabee' s method and succeeded?  I did and it wouldn't accept the IBAN No.

I was told by CA that it was not possible to make a transfer online to the UK due to banking laws.

The last time I tried was a couple of years ago, so maybe things have changed. For the last 12 years I have had to go into the branch to make a transfer. The manager at my current branch has kindly come up with a slightly better solution: I can email him the details now, rather than go in personally. 

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Posted by tinabee - 3 years ago


log into your CA account

Under services, click on virements

then click on saise un autre compte beneficiare

you will be prompted to enter the IBAN details of the beneficiary account

the process takes 48 hours (in CA Normandy anyway)

As others have mentioned, don't transfer directly to a UK sterling bank account as the fees will be high.

We use CurrencyFair to do transfers - the fee is only €3.


Hope this helps

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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

Charge was roughly 10% of the total transferred in, and why I stopped doing transfers into the CA account was easier & cheaper to use TW to pay / buy large items add them to TW list and pay direct from UK, then take my limit from the cashpoint in local CA - put in paying in envelope and deposit into account for spending money / DD's etc,. - long winded but worked fine.