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Cross border working and uk car

Posted by Nurse Gladys Emanuel - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by geegee42 - 4 years ago

The french vehicle will cost you more money but does have a higher sell on value,so you don't really lose in the long run.

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Posted by Nurse Gladys Emanuel - 4 years ago

Thanks everyone for your helpful advice and thoughts. As a new resident Ive done what I believe from the comments the right thing and bought a french registered car.

Incidently I did find out though that non residents who are insured with a certain company for the over 50's have unlimited cover in EU countries not the usual 90 day abroad cover.

Also thankyou countrydweller for raising the subject of me paying NI in the UK, I'll certainly look into this.

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Posted by geegee42 - 4 years ago

That's is the way it will go eventually ,it will be a system like the US as most countries feel the current system is becoming unworkable.

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Posted by Davey1200-433468 - 4 years ago

As stated above, that is exactly the plan coming out via the Administration in Brussels.

I think that is going to be part of the reason the UK will vote for the Brexit in 2017.

Incidentally it would have been much better if Europe had adopted the American system of a Federal Nature, one central federal government and then various state governments, whereby the federal goverment only deals with things that affect overall, and the state dealing with the local affairs.

As it is Brussels is involved and dictating everything.

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Posted by geegee42 - 4 years ago

A bit like the US.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 4 years ago

You may be cynical but that doesn't make you wrong ;-)

Leaving aside the issue of politicians, I suppose the sticking point is that each state is responsible for keeping its own house in order, trying to balance its books and make itself a nice place for its own citizens to live their lives in, so it has to be allowed to do that in whatever way it feels best. The alternative would be no separate states any more, just one big (un)happy EU melting pot that stretched from west to east with no borders, no different cultures and no national identities, and that would be far far worse IMHO.

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Posted by AQ-417490 - 4 years ago

Some very interesting and useful information being supplied here, which goes to show how useful these pages can be in helping people to resolve their problems.

You might think that after all the years the EU has existed, we the citizens of the EU would at long last be able to live our lives as EU citizens without so much bureaucracy getting in the way of day to day living. Living in one Member State, whilst working in another is all part of the ideology of the EU, with freedom of choice on where its citizens work, live, trade etc, butnot only is there still a lot of red tape within officialdom, it is prevalent in a lot of companies as well.

One thing we can be sure of, however, there is very little red tape for all MemberStates' politicians when it comes to their salaries, allowances and expenses. So, their motto seems to be freedom for big businesses and politicians,  but keep the masses supressed. Oram I a bit cynical ?

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Posted by sea shore - 4 years ago

I can't compare prices with the U.K. but my Suzuki DR125 costs me about £60 a year to insure in France. I suggest one or two of you get other quotes. I'm with MMA.

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Posted by countrydweller - 4 years ago

Coming back to the original question-The OP is permanently resident in France.Therefore any car that they own must be registered in France and lkewise insured by a French company.If the OP goes back to work in the UK on a casual basis they cannot be regarded as being resident there.If say they went back on a commuting type basis and has a house there then the situation may change.It is no different really to a German who lives on the French border and commutes daily to the Peugeot factory in Mulhouse in France-the car spends a lot of time in France but as the owner is resident in Germany it has to be German registered.

As an aside you may want to talk to the DWP at Newcatle about whether or not you would qualify for a cross border workers S1 from the UK as this would mean you would not need to pay health cotisations here in France but would pay NI in the UK.

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Posted by Fitter - 4 years ago

" no online price comparisons  , hence they freely charge more?"

Huh?  assureland.com.  LeLynx.com  www.lecomparateurassurance.com

www.direct-assurance.fr and quite a few more.

Google is your friend.