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Don't forget to claim your travel costs

Posted by HAF-443346 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by HAF-443346 - 4 years ago

YP, travel costs, This is for employed not self employed, don't forget to take off holidays from your calculation, you dont say what puissance your car is but if for example it is 6CV its (distance) 30000 x 0.401 = 12030. I doubt you would get allowance for food. To be honest reading it you need to produce receipts for the food anyway.

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Posted by yorkshirepudding-396727 - 4 years ago

Hi Haf, a very interesting post, thank you. I have a further question that maybe you can answer. If you are given an allowance for lunch from your employers, are you still able to claim it back on your tax declaration, and are you allowed to claim mileage if you are not self employed?. I travel 60k each way to work, so average is 600k per week, 30,000k per year.


kind regards, Paul

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Posted by ratchetman-640417 - 4 years ago

Hi all

Can you let me know is this calculation is for self employed people or for people who are employed.

Any info greatly appreciated.


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Posted by montypython-428832 - 4 years ago

Thanks for that, HAF, but just to add - if you do your tax return online, there is a little box that comes up to justify - and it's sufficient to put in there - "j'utilise mon voiture personnel".

You can also claim 4.60euros a day if you take a packed lunch - and again, in the little box, you just put "j'amene mon repas toutes le journees" - sorry, my French is rubbish, and at this time of night (been up since 3am) my typing is worse!


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Posted by HAF-443346 - 4 years ago

For km to and from work.

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Posted by Football mad - 4 years ago

I guess that doesn't apply to retired people like me.