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EDF massively overcharging me to the sum of €6k

Posted by giftedmidfielder - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Vannetais - 3 years ago

difficult this one

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

As far asci know its five years with edf,during this period they can come back too you if you have underpaid and they are also legally obliged too refund you if you have overpaid,normally they read the meter twice a year and bills are based on the readings,it tells you on the bills what the consumption is or what they estimate it too be,if at the end of the year the figure is estimated and way out ,you supply edf with the correct bill and they refund the difference, this is the way the system works,you should have kept all your bills for the last five years and be able to present the bills and meter readings to edf and demand a refund .you pay for what you have consumed,this really should have been sorted at the end of your first year of ownership.

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Posted by buster-784461 - 3 years ago

If EDF dont have a reading for the year just billed you will be estimated - & that is probably when it reverts back to the higher full time occupation!    EDF dont like to under estimate , so if there is no end of year  reading you pay more!!

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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

It really doesn't make any sense for EDF to have actually taken meter readings (2011 & 2014) and then not use these readings to calculate your bill.

Although EDF appear to be disregarding their own readings, they are not "reverting you to a different tariff". There are 3 tariffs with EDF - Option Base (one price per kWh day or night); Option Heures Creuse (night time price is cheaper than daytime) and Tempo (a complicated, multi-tiered tariff).

They appear to be using estimated consumption for which they normally assess on numbers of people etc. But even if their assessments of your circumstances were correct (which they aren't), the estimated consumption looks extemely high and perhaps based on full time occupation by a family, using electricity  as the main or only source of heating the house.

Apart from what everyone has said about getting regular readings, you have somehow got to get EDF to base their bills on readings already taken - and to continue to do so in future. Quite clearly within EDF, the left hand does not seem to know what the right hand is doing.  

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Posted by ingetje - 3 years ago

I would suggest to log in on the EDF site (or register if you have not done this already)

you can see all you meter readings from the past 5 years, you can also see the estimates if they did not read the meter. So you can see exactly how much KW you have used or been charged for each year.

normally there should also be al the invoices etc so you have an overview of all your years and what you have paid etc. If it turns out not to be correct thenprint it all out ans send it to them with a letter to explain etc.

good luck

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Posted by giftedmidfielder - 3 years ago



EDF have been to read the meter at least twice that I can remember. Once in 2011 and once last summer. There seems to be a problem with the meters being read and logged and then my tarrif slipping back to one suiting a full time family of five when it's been established that we're only resident6 weeks a year.

It's proving hard to find out why our status keeps reverting back. Expensive too.




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Posted by giftedmidfielder - 3 years ago


EDF have been to read the meter successfully on a few occasions. Once in 2011 and once in 2014. It is unclear why there is still such a discrepancy between there records and the actual power usage.

They don't seem to be joining the dots.

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Posted by portman-642446 - 3 years ago

Make sure of correct readings, buy in the UK from Denmans a credit electricity meter (or if you let the place out a prepayment meter) also get some 16mm PVC/PVC tails brown and blue and install the meter after your EDF 500mA breaker. If you are worried about doing it get an electrician to connect it. Record your reading and the EDF reading at the same time and notify the EDF that you have so installed a check meter and the readings of both at time of installation. Send the letter via recommande. Then if they play up see a hussier and ask him to write a letter asking for your monies back! If of course the meter is wrong, well you will have the proof.

 I have dealt with both UK and France and they HATE owner installed meters. If you can get someone like a gendarme or a hussier to witness the meter readings. You can of course also take them to the Tribunal de Commerce (I think that is the right name.They have various Tribunal's I am taking our Marie to another tribunal! The Tribunal d' Administration!)

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Posted by Jewell - 3 years ago

"due to me not being able to be present during their scheduled visits every September."

Could you not arrange for someone else to be present or ask for a different visit time?   I had similar problems a few years ago in a different region after receiving bills of €4500 and €8000, but I must admit EDF were very good at sorting things out.  I paid by cheque then though, which helped, rather than DD.   I could not get back to France at that time and eventually I asked a friend if they could be there when the EDF meter reader arrived.  No problems after that.  

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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago

I've had a remote reader for years and it saves a lot of hassle, but I remember reading somewhere that EDF are soon to be installing new 'smart' meters that can be read from anywhere and you don't have to have the box.

It might be worthwhile asking about the new meters.

I do agree with Reveuse, though. Why should they believe the OP when he submits his own readings year after year without letting them come and read the meter?

I wouldn't!