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Estate agents

Posted by Tongsaibay - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by steverockers-392585 - 3 years ago

Don't forget that, as it is a second home, you will be liable for capital gains tax.  You can only offset any costs for which you have full invoices from a registered business.  Any work you have done yourself or by unregistered workers as well as any materials you purchased will be discounted.

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Posted by hazy2 - 3 years ago

If you look on Greenacres site, for Brittany,there are many properties for sale which will help you compare prices. Average price for a3 bed renovation job is probably betweem100,000and 150.000 euros

There is also a Facebook page for property for sale in Brittany, there are quite a few propertiesto enable you to compare.

Dont forget that you need an energy report before it goes on the market as it needs to be shown on the details.

I sold 2 properties through Greenacres, and a friend sold one.

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Posted by Jacquet-396835 - 3 years ago

Could you email me with the name of the Agents you recommend.

Many thanks.




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Posted by Tongsaibay - 3 years ago

A final thank you to all who've replies to my post - some really useful information given and we now need to sit down and look at all the options, financially and practically, and what's going to work out best for our circumstances. Fingers crossed!

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Posted by Janouk - 3 years ago

You can do both - i.e. advertise with estate agents and sell privately. I have always made it known to estate agents that I am also marketing the property myself - have sold three properties in France so far, I researched similar online and came up with what I thought was a realistic marketing figure for what I was offering, depending on the market at the time (a big factor when coming up with a price)  - the agents didn't always agree, but I stuck to my price and they advertised it as such with, of course, their fees added and included in the advertised price, as they have to by law. I actually ended up with sales for all three from my own efforts, but that's just the way it worked out for me, that isn't to say that a sale can't be brought about by an agent.

Good luck!

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Posted by aramanta - 3 years ago

Food for thought: initially, as British buyers, we were wholly unaware of the fact that notaires sell houses. We only contacted estate agents. Once we realised notaires sell houses more cheaply  we started to contact notaires on the basis that there was little point in paying the extra charged by estage agents for the same house. So you could miss British buyers if you only use a notaire but you could easily have buyers put off by the higher price that comes from the higher costs involved with estate agents. And, once you've viewed with an estate agent you can't then try and buy the house through a notaire or Bon Coin. Those notaires we contacted accompanied us on house viewings and held keys for the properties so the owner didn't need to be there.

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Posted by Tongsaibay - 3 years ago

wow, so many helpful replies so thank you everyone. A lot of food for thought....... We had actually forgotten about using notaires which is perhaps another option. Selling privately certainly has its attractions, but our 2 main difficulties are that we still need to have an idea of the property's value (we really don't know where to pitch it price wise), and as it's a holiday home and we're only there for 3 or 4 months a year, we can't be sure that we'll be available if someone wants to view it. Think we'd have to find someone reliable living locally to do that for us but it seems a bit of an imposition. But lots to think about, thank you all again.

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

Anonymous is correct. The French view things very differently. In our village a 3 bed new build is €200,000 yet an older property even with lots of land and outbuildings that appeals ot the Brits is €100,000.

It is tricky for sure I suspect to maximise value you may need to appeal to Brits now the €1.40 to the £..

Good luck

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

"We live in dept 22, just south of Plouec sur Lie. We bought the cottage as a renovation project and have totally restored it to (in our opinion!) a very attractive, comfortable 3 bedroomed home, but we are in a small hamlet with very few properties around us. This makes it hard to compare prices so we really are a bit lost when ot comes to value."

Don't be too discouraged if the valuations you are given fall short of what you might have spent.  This is not UK where every little tweak adds "value".  A valuation here will basically be a bedroom count with a bit of loading for condition, land, and distance from work & commerce.  Your place may be very attractive to other Brits but the French have a very different mindset and taste and the French make up the vast majority of buyers.

Good luck.

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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 3 years ago

a friend of our sold through Greenacres best deal going.