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EU nationals registration

Posted by nhsryan - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by avoican - 3 years ago

The good news is the Carte de sejours is still available but only from your local Prefecture

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Posted by rance-781573 - 3 years ago

Absolutely right Joe for those of us from within the EU but for Non EU such as American, Australian and New Zealand friends (amongst others) they will eventually need a C de Sej  to be resident. As ever hoops have to be jumped through and it can take time

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

In 2005 we went to the Mairie to apply for a Carte de Sejour. We were told it was not possible to apply for one and it was not needed. 10 years later have never been asked for one or needed one.


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Posted by rance-781573 - 3 years ago

Sorry but this is all too often the problem on here. We are not given the full story from the start, If you had said you were non EU then some of us would have known you would have needed a Carte de Sejour to stay in France.It isn't a case of whether you were staying permanently but residing in France for whatever time span as is the law for non EU people

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Posted by nhsryan - 3 years ago

Rance, I came here with my husband almost 6 years ago. As a non EU spouse of a Brit, staying over 3 months, I had the long stay visa and was told to apply for TDS and so I did. They never asked us if we are staying permanently or not. Most non EU spouse gets a 1 year TDS renewable every year but somehow they granted me 10 years automatically. Why? I dont know.

it is a lot more difficult to apply nowadays.

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Posted by rance-781573 - 3 years ago

nhsryan, I am afraid some wires must be crossed here.

The Maire telling anyone who comes from within the EU that they must have  a Carte de Sejouris miles out. 99% of Maire's will tell anyone who wants one that they can't possibly do it. So  I am puzzled as to how you have a C de S yourself, as you say you are not a resident, or were you once? As non residents cannot and could not apply for a C de S (it is now a Titre de Sejour and has been for some time.)

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Well Harry I can only find what you're quoting as a proposed amendment here


so if you can find confirmation that it ever came into effect, please share!

because when you look it up on legifrance, this is all you get


which just basically says, you live where you live.

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Posted by Harry Dresden - 3 years ago

Try articles 103 & 104 of the code civil for instance:-

L'article 103 du code civil est ainsi rédigé :

« Toute personne qui fixe sa résidence principale dans une commune ou transfère celle-ci dans une autre commune doit en faire la déclaration à l'administration communale du lieu où elle se fixe

It has always been obligatory for foreigners though.

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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 3 years ago

The day I have to do this is the day I sell up and leave.

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Posted by Missing Dog Valbonne - 3 years ago

I like this mairie..Have to bring this up with ours next time I see him.

Everybody has to do this in Italy, but it is the police you have to go to & make your presence known.