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Forms required by Pole Emploi to get job seekers benefit

Posted by kellyorchard - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by kellyorchard - 3 years ago

thank you everyone for your replies.  Very kind of you to spend the time to do so.  

I didnt look into this before we came here as I had no intention of claiming benefits, as stated previously this is because the Pole Emploi encouraged me to try ... Nothing ventured and all that.

The Pole Emploi are helping with a French speaking course and I am learning myself all the time and using other resources.

Anyway, don't want to bore you all with all the details.

Thank you again and merry Christmas 

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Posted by mollycodle. - 3 years ago

Once again lack of research before coming here full time is going to give you a lot of grief. good luck you will need it.

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Posted by suziepops - 3 years ago

2. You are compensated in the state where you exercised your work and you come back in France

Back in France, you must register as a jobseeker with the employment center to your home within 7 days from the date of your termination of registration in the state that you left. You give employment center the portable document "U2", which you will have previously been issued by the unemployment institution of the state that you just left. This document certifies the precise duration of maintaining your rights to unemployment benefits (three months, subject to acquired rights, this period can be optionally extended up to six months at the discretion of the Member States). It is the state unemployment institution you just left that continues to pay you your benefits, but employment center that keeps track of your job search in France. If you do not be conformed to control job search implemented by the employment center, employment center may have to give you a portable document "U3". In this document are mentioned certain facts which may affect your entitlement to unemployment benefits (eg. Refusal to answer a job offer). These facts, if they are recognized by the employment center are sent to the institution that pays your benefits (in this case the institution of the state that you just left) to possible follow-up (ex. The suspension payment of the allowance).

Translation of the first link pachypach has provided.  I doesn't look like it applies because you have been here for 4 months.

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Posted by pachypach - 3 years ago

http://www.pole-emploi.fr/candidat/l-indemnisation-du-chomage-en-europe-@/article.jspz?id=60552 have a look here under 'autres situations' NO.2

more info:



I've not read it in full, but it seems like you could claim

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Posted by Fish24 - 3 years ago

I hope things will turn out well for you but be careful not to mis-interpret certain conditions of residence/working in France and the time limits involved.  You are 'inactif'', under 65 years old?, been here more than 3 months, so study the different types of Visas required where necessary according to French regulations, etc:-






UK is in the European Union and part of the EEE and allowing 'libre circulation' BUT did not sign (like Ireland) the Schengen agreement.

Like Busted1, just trying to help put you and others, in the picture so to speak and I hope you fall into the required categories and I'm sure you will be fine.


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Posted by cactus07 - 3 years ago

hi i dont want to get involved with the aruguement but if its any help if you dont speak good french there is a course that you can go on where they pay you for six months this course is to help you get a job.its run by the clps and the pole emploi know about this course and recommend you if you ask them to. as ive not lived in the uk for five years i dont know the rules for the benifits there whether they are tranferable here but i do know that to get chommage (dole) you have to work three months or 410 hrs here in france i dont know where you live but if you need any help for the course pm me but to register available for work you can do this no problem on the internet hope this helps


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Posted by kellyorchard - 3 years ago

This is taken from this website.  I am European not non-European.

Carte/Titre de Sejour (long term)

During its period of validity, a non-European citizen who holds a 10-year "résident de longue durée- CE" French residency permit may return to France after an absence of up to three years of residence in another country (and longer if resident in an EU country).

Notify the préfecture of the change of address; this is a same-day process and a stamp bearing the new address is place on the permit.


How is this Carte de Sejour anything to do with me?

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Posted by kellyorchard - 3 years ago

Both myself and another person I know have both been into the Pole Emploi.  Neither of us have been told about working here for 6 months before getting help.  Neither of us has asked for help, the French advisor has offered to try. Why would they ask for tax forms and work contacts and pay slips ... Which I can produce?  They are hardly going to ask us to return to the UK when we own a house here outright and been here for nearly 4 months and not asked for a penny and if they cannot help won't stop us being able to live here.  At the worst we could commute between the UK and France to work in the UK and return when we can.  How long has it been since you worked at a clerc?

Anyway you seem pretty negative rather than helpful, which I was expecting to be honest.  I just thought I'd ask fellow Expats.   People are still judgemental without knowing the full facts.

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Posted by Busted1 - 3 years ago

I have lived here for 27 years , and been a judicial clerc for 16 years so no I know I am not wrong because I have served the notices to leave , nothing has changed !


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Posted by kellyorchard - 3 years ago


I don't think you are correct as we have lived here for nearly 4 months.  We own our own property, and I went to the Pole Emploi just to ask for advice on job hunting.  It was the advisor at the Pole Emploi that said i may be entitled to job seekers allowance as I would in the UK if I could provide certain documents which I am trying to get hold of.

If it turns out that I cannot get job seekers benefit ... Which I have never claimed in my life ... Then I will carry on living here without it.

Once working here I fully intend to pay my taxes etc like everyone else.

I believe it used to be the case that you would be sent back to which ever country you came from but things have evolved from that.

A person I know was on benefits and unable to work in the UK and has been told because he was signing on in the UK he will have no problem getting benefits here as it will just transfer.

I can work and want to work, I just need to get a job and the Pole Emploi are being very helpful in this area.