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French economy

Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by orme2 - 4 years ago

I agree with a3, and let's not forget that there is a new Asia development bank (AIIB) for which France and Germany have applied for membership.  A lot of countries are fed up with the economic dictatorship of the anglo saxon model.


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Posted by a3 - 4 years ago

I agree foxie and it is my whole point about the lack of objectivity in the programme. Is the anglo saxon model the only one? 

The simple fact that thus far france is in the position it is with a better infrastructure and manufacturing base than the uk and a major player in so much of the uk leads me to argue the french model can work better than the uk one. 

But I am aware of the problems here but I ask if the "real world" austerity is the answer...also many of the successful Asian economies have done very well from central planning as opposed to free markets though I am not conversant with their social welfare systems. I am excluding China in that comment too.

And I do think you can compare frange to scandanavian countries.......it is simply about how the people of a nation want to live. Whether they value social cohesion or not and are prepared to pay to make it happen...


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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

"France does have to join the 'real world'. I don't think anyone is particularly knocking their ideals or way of life. "

I find that comment so depressing, apart from being a contradiction in terms. So you are saying that the countries who are top dog at the moment are the self styled 'real world' and everybody has to do what they do, whether they want to or not. I think idealists will shudder at the thought. What a miserable world it will be when all there is, is the 'real world', where money is all that matters.

Vive la différence.

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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

Very good point.  We even sell our homes to make a profit.  How many French people would do that?

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Posted by DN-434538 - 4 years ago

One thing not mentioned on the programme was the massive amount of companies in the UK owned or partly owned by the French state or French companies.

Obviously all bus stops in London, advertising by JC Decaux, Keolis runs train companies in the UK the DLR, London Midland,  Thameslink etc. EDF is a major player in the supply and distribution of electricity in the UK. Veolia has a large presence in the UK,

Even the Severn bridge is a third French owned.

I am sure there are many more. I do find it faintly bizarre that the UK has privatised  many industries and services yet they have been bought by state owned or partially state owned businesses both from France and Germany.

I think it is odd that the French Government has more control over some British trains, some British Electricity supply, some British water supply than the British GovernmentIs.

Well a former French leader did say we were a nation of shopkeepers, perhaps we will sell anything.


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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 4 years ago

a3...I think this is the problem, France does have to join the 'real world'. I don't think anyone is particularly knocking their ideals or way of life. As I understand it the present socialist government has had to backtrack and try to introduce some unpopular reforms as the economy just isn't working as is and this has resulted in Nationaiist parties becoming more appealing. The global market is a hard fact, like it or not, and France is well placed to join in, more so than the UK in my opinion. I also don't think you can compare small Scandinavian countries to France...

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Posted by orme2 - 4 years ago

Sorry, that should have been 'a3's summary.'

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Posted by Jewell - 4 years ago

Fitter - won't they also be paying social charges?  The programme commented about an insurance-based system - ie, you pay in, and you get out.

We've lost that principle in the UK, but it was one of the original ideas behind the post-war welfare state.  

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Posted by andylekker - 4 years ago

great post by a3, thanks.

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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

Agent Securite; all except a tiny majority of French people are born in France, are educated in France, get jobs in France, live perfectly normal lives in France and retire in France. Your generalisation is ill informed and wrong.