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Guidance when dealing with artisans

Posted by derekp-1001736 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by MockTheCasbah-979852 - 4 years ago

As advised, don't use them.

We had a scruffy 'artisan' (!) turn up to quote in an old dented UK reg vehicle, he didn't look at the job properly, just stood on the lawn peering at it, and when the 'devis' turned up it was in English, by email, no address, no ins, no siret. On the devis everything needed for the job we had to hire and pay for directly to the hire company (and we had to fetch it, or where applicable pay for del), and then hope he actually turned up on the day to do the job - and no doubt, proceed to take our money. He had absolutely no tools. No mention of any of that on the day or we'd have sent him packing straight off.   Total time waster. Needless to say he didn't get the work.

Another tip - when/if you do sign a devis write on it the start date and end date. You might wait a long time for them to turn up, and/or complete the job.

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Posted by brodeuse - 4 years ago

Ask your French neighbours and friends for a recommendation.  They know the history of the local artisans (and probably all the members of their families!) so are well placed to give some advice.

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Posted by Freda Checks - 4 years ago

Always go for the local artisan, if you can. They will be around if you need them in the future, not gone back to the UK!

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 4 years ago

So, would you accept a quote from a builder in the UK who had no address, no VAT number etc. on his quote, amateurish, etc? if the answer to that is "No" then why would you do it here? 

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Posted by Renard35 - 4 years ago

Avoid them like the plague been there done that never ever again stitched up big time serves us right never should have employed the chap should have known better.Since found out hes done it to many iother unsuspecting brits not just us......so much for friendly neighbourly Brit !!! :(

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Posted by Football mad - 4 years ago

I believe that if you want the devis to be legally enforceable in France it must be in French. Also it must detail the works and the proposed timeframe.

http://www.maisonentravaux.fr/couts-travaux/obligations-validite-devis-travaux/  everyting is listed here, in French of course.

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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 4 years ago

avoid the one with no siret number also the person with UK reg car avoid anyone like that completely. plus the likes of the other two replys you have recieved. Only deal with registered people that supply you with there siret number insurance details ect plus a landline number not just mobile. Also ask to look at work they have done ect. Beware of Cowboys.