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Help!!! app - for CA banking ill et villain

Posted by listy - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

Thx guy's, it wasn't a problem accessing with a web based browser - just finding an app for local CA,

Burchy, yep! Ma Banque that's the main CA app - have installed - but forgot one of the security numbers - so it'll have to be sorted out later -- this brings me onto another point ---

don't know about everyone, but these days remembering  passwords / pin numbers and security code for a single site - multiplied by however many sites need all these passwords / security checks, few years ago could manage without it all, now the old grey matter is a bit overloaded and I spend most time on the forget password links... LOL -- how do others deal with the sheer quantity of passwords / pin numbers etc etc in this increasingly digital world.

with the tablet and the apps the amount of passwords / pin #'s etc I have to remember has been considerably reduced with most held within the app - yes I know you can do this on a laptop / PC but after having a laptop stolen a few years with a lot of my financial data on - even though this data was held in a "locker" with 128 bit encryption, in the right hands even this can be cracked. The tablet I can remotely wipe if it goes missing so don't mind so much putting far more data in it than normally would.

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Posted by corky33-898981 - 3 years ago

To access my account I use:


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Posted by BURCHY-423214 - 3 years ago


Not aware of any app for CA Ille et Villaine but I guess there must be one.

I do all my on line stuff with them on following website.


Just done a quick search and this site may help you with an app