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Help with health insurance & maternity care

Posted by angelmoose - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by 56fr - 3 years ago



I don t work, I am having my 2nd child now in France, and I am UK citizen.

Do not fear all will be ok.

1st of all they wont make you have the baby on the street. Its France they have a duty of care. There are plenty of people in France who have babies and don t work....



My 1st baby I ddn t even have a carte vitale, insurance etc  and i had her here, i think the total cost came to 1000 euro all in, i eventually got it back.  so its not like 20000 job....

Have you got a carte vitale application in? this is important, don t even think about getting the actual card, it takes forever, but you need a social secruity no,  it helps, they will assign you a temporary no to begin with.....and then you ll change to an official one after....

So step 2, i would go to the drs, and arrange for a blood test to confirm in France that you are pregnant. Once you are pregnant you will be given an attestion enceinte, or something like that, it has the instructions on it. You need to fill this is in to get in the system at the RAM.  The dr will just hand it to you, its an automatic procedure....

You are lucky in that at 5 months the state takes over payment, before then you ll have to pay, but being 4.5 month preggers you don t have long to go....

True you will have to pay upfront, but always ask for a feuille de soin...This is a brown coloured form, that you will put your social secruity number on and send away to get your money back, after 5 months you ll get all of it back, before you ll only get a certain percentage, and your insurance is suppose to cover the rest. But this depends on your insurance leverl etc, and this also applies to all other medical and dental work..... Bear in mind this is not the USA the insurance is only there to cover what the government does not pay, and it vaires totally....

The difference between not having health insurance and having health insurance means the choices that will be available to you. 

I have medical insurance, so I can go to a private clinic, i can chose where to have my baby, and i can choose my package in that clinc.  In fact I can choose everything.

No health insurance means you get no choice, but all the same you ll just go to the hospital to have a baby....but its not "just" its a fantastic experience here....

unemployed frenchies get a top up from this special fund to cover their insurance, i can t remember the name of it off hand..

Furthermore the attestion enciente ends up at the CAF (family benefit centre if you like), they will then give you money for your baby, 800 for the first baby at birth, then 180 a month after....more help for child care too, and if you are unemployed then you will get a larger percentage...don t be ashamed to claim this, i m not, they give it to me, and i m not going to give it back..... after all my parents don t get their winter fuel allowance....

don t be dismayed by the people here on the forum, having children in France is the best thing ever....there is a lot of support available for you...it is a real child based society,  its been the best thing ever, and i recoil in horror the tales of child birth in the UK.....sounds medieval....

the hospital stay is fantastic, i was in for 4 days and it was a real joy, they really helped me, mide wifes, nursery nurses,  everything was great...

I have just skimmed the details of how to register and the process, but i m onto my 2 pregnancy now so PM for more details...


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Posted by Gogo Yubari - 3 years ago

That's right lapin, we all pay all the time. Nothing 'seems' like it's free because nothing is. There is always the odd dreamer who would like you to believe they know everything about everything.

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Posted by Lapin-436112 - 3 years ago

we all pay, just by bying food for example, or gas for the car...and loads of other stuff. that is how it works we all pay :) 

a lot of treatments are actually 100% covered in France, I never had top up insurance as i dont were glasses or expensive teeth or something. My pregnancy and birth were also fully covered (2014), I paid 0 euro....I do pay my costisations and taxes of course!

France is not a bad country to go to, you get a lot of help here when you need it.


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Posted by Gogo Yubari - 3 years ago

... and just who is it that pays for the health service in either country to provide 'free' medical treatment?

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Posted by louisep-438231 - 3 years ago

No I agree nothing is free and it always has to be paid for (believe you me I have paid enough cotisans in my time since I have been here!) , the point I was trying to make to Angelmoose is to ensure that she doesn't get over anxious at present and that she has time to look into the situation.  I am sure she is an intelligent and capable person and will make her own decisions, she was just looking for some basic information to form that on, not a rant on who has to pay for what etc!  Even after 8 years of living here and prettly fluent with the language there is never always the same answer given when asked.  I have said what I have said as that was the situation at the time and perhaps now. I am sure she will find her own way through the system like the rest of us had to do when we first arrived! 

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Healthcare is never 'free' though is it. It costs money to provide and it has to be paid for.

If it's 'free' to you at the point of delivery, that's because someone is paying for it 100 per cent on your behalf (ie the state, if you're in the state healthcare system). Just like medical treatment always seems to be 'free' in the UK -IF the NHS is covering you.

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Posted by louisep-438231 - 3 years ago

Don't know how I repeated myself - sorry!

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Posted by louisep-438231 - 3 years ago

Hello Angelmoose,

When I had my baby at hospita,l maternity care was 100% free, not sure if that is the case now (was in 2010) although I did have health cover at the time I learnt that having a baby was one of the areas that was included as covered anyhow(not sure what the others were, think it was terminal illness and heart problems?)I I did not have any top up insurance but all was covered.

 I found ameli.fr useful although I am not sure if they mention maternity care or not.

Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy your new arrival when they come!  I found ameli.fr useful although I am not sure if they mention maternity care or not.


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Posted by tue20oct - 3 years ago

Here's a video (French health care and pregnancy cover explained) that might help you.

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Posted by Lapin-436112 - 3 years ago

oh and I forgot, as AE I gave birth to my son last year and it cost me 0 euro! yes, 0!!  instead, you actually get paid money to give birth :)  I have no top up or anything, just regular cover trough my AE, and my husband and child are both covered under me without paying anything extra. also, as an AE you do not need to pay any cotisations up front! you pay on what you earn.