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How's the housing market in brittany?

Posted by vichy-445734 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by whalebone-429708 - 3 years ago

People do talk a load of old rubbish when it comes to this subject.

Facts are what matters, see below for an accurate estimation of the current houseing market in France.


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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

The English housing market is unique in Europe, its completely wrong to compare like for like, it won't be long now before the UK market hits the buffers and heads off on the usual bust cycle, this won't have a great deal of effect on the french market because there are no where near as many Brit buyers out looking now compared to 2006 / 2007, some properties here sell quickly some  don't, its how its always been, life in France doesn't revolve around how much your house is worth and the french economy doesn't revolve around the housing market. Most of the time British buyers have no idea about where they would like to actually buy over here, do no research into what the area is actually like and buy purely because it was cheap, which doesn't always work out for the best.

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Posted by plouyepaul - 3 years ago

Some valid points and good calming logic between the pessimists. I say pessimists but really the doom and gloom is based on incorrect data. As already explained market prices have stabalised, price, location etc are in the eye of the beholder, pointless 2nd guessing. There are a large number of houses on the market, again based on the 3 years of madness that caused a massive spike in property prices.

Property prices have gone beyond madness in the majority of the UK, this will certainly change, people would appear to have very short memories! Anyone with common sense and half a brain can make it work here, they should will cash in and get out, assuming they were approaching the same plan in any event. It can take a while to sell, exchange and leave, lots of organising, plenty of places to rent in France and try before you buy might be a plan too.

As for the Fosse debate I'm sorry but I disagree, the rules are changing constantly and holding a certificate doesn't gurantee passing a pre-sale controle!! I have opted to make the fosse situation clear to any potential buyers, agents they speak to beforehand will warn them of the possibility of needing to update a fosse.

It's a question of waiting and not being in a rush. Not realistic for some I appreciate but we're happy to wait, we bought because we liked it and still do but life sometimes has a way of changing direction. It's only been opn the market a few weeks, it'll happen when it happens!

Good luck to all sellers, and may the buyers all get their new home at a realistic price, one that isn't likely to crash UK style!


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Posted by wilbur-810159 - 3 years ago

Plenty room for asylum seekers then.


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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

Jobs are the problem, you can change jobs everyday around Paris but not around here, maybe once they build the new airport near Nantes things will pick up.

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

And until there are more jobs the situation will remain the same.

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Posted by Harry Dresden - 3 years ago

There is no supply and demand in rural France because there are more houses than people need.

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

My daughter has just bought a two bed flat 15 mins from center of Paris for 173,000, she could have bought four 38 grand ones rented three lived in one and rent would have paid the mortgage, but she didn't want to live in Brittany, so as I said before its a buyers market if you don't care where you live.

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Posted by Linsolom - 3 years ago

 Dungey1 your daughter has done the right thing, she can't lose on her purchase. 

I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world.


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Posted by Dungey1 - 3 years ago

My daughter has just bought a French owned detached cottage in a hamlet with a walled courtyard garden and a separate two story double garage with a yard, good roof, double glazed, mains drainage....just needs decorating for 30200€. Had been for sale for some time with an agent at 38000€ and previously with a Notaire for 55000€.