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How the 'Microsoft' phone scam works

Posted by noblesse-404553 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago

I hope we all know that no-one from Microsoft would be ringing us directly, but the HSBC warning also says 

... scammers are impersonating internet service providers, computer companies, banks, software firms and law enforcement. They are also claiming to be calling as a result of recent high-profile data breaches.

Stringing along a caller from 'Microsoft' may be enjoyable, but would you do this if the caller said they were from the police or from your bank?

Otherwise intelligent people have been taken in by this scam, and we all need to take it very, very seriously.

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 3 years ago

Anomynous    No one deserves to be scammed, why bother to make ridiculous comments.

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Posted by lottie13-403657 - 3 years ago

last time they rang, I just said , wow thats a coincidence I do the same job as you! they have never rung back.

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Posted by rose budde - 3 years ago

I just put the phone next to the radio and let then listen to radio 4 until they get fed up with it. If they are on the 'phone to me, then they are not bothering anyone else.

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Posted by vwkompak - 3 years ago

They will quote you a code for the supposed problem you have with windows. If you google it you will see it is a normal code for any windows computer. 

I kept the idiot on the line for ages asking for explanations and so on until he eventually called me a 'stupid woman' and hung up!  Now I just say 'not you again' when they ring and they hang up. I enjoy wasting their time if they think they can waste mine.

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

Anyone dumb enough to fall for this obvious con after it has been highly publicised for over 5 years deserves to be scammed.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Just say you don't have a computer so they must have a wrong number.

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Posted by bhouse-10060550 - 3 years ago

There are other variations of this scam, 2 that I know of are;

1, They install a key logger on your computer and collect your bank and credit card information later.

2, They claim you have a virus in the computer, that they have just installed, and demand money to remove it.

but the advise still stands, just put the phone down on them.

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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

I tell them I have an Apple if I am in a good mood or tell them P O if in a bad .There are several Youtubes on how to keep them talking for an hour or more which are quite hilarious .