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Importing shotguns to France from UK

Posted by Bloobell - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Bloobell - 4 years ago

Many thanks for that info.

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Posted by roof-er - 4 years ago

Pump action shotguns are catagory B unless the barel is rifled in which case they fall under catagory C !

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Posted by DevilsAdvocate - 4 years ago

Smooth bore guns which fire only one shot per barrel without reloading ie (Single, Double or O/U etc) are in Category D1 & subject to "Enregistrement" at your Prefecture.

Semi Auto Shotuns are in Category C & are subject to "Declaration" at the Prefecture.

In order to buy one, you have to produce a Licence de Tir or Permis de Chasse. You will obtain a Licence de Tir as part of your Membership of a Gun Club.

Pump Action Shotguns are in Category B & require a Certificate de Retention Des Armes to purchase & possess that you have to apply for at the Prefecture before you can take possession.

In all cases you are required to keep the guns in a secure cabinet.

"Antique" Shotguns (and Rifles & Pistols with a few exceptions) ie those of a model introduced before 1st January 1900 are all classed in Category D2 and may be bought, sold & possed by anyone over 18 without any Licence or formality. The only restrictions are that they must only be used with cartridges loaded with Black Powder & that you must not carry them about without a good reason.

If the guns in the UK are already your personal property you should have no problem importing them. I would have a word with your Prefecture or the Customs. I have always found them very helpfull.

It would probably be best to join a Gun club - it doesn't matter which, either Rifle/Pistol or Clay Shooting. You will then receive a Licence de Tir (the Clay Club may call it something else) from one of the National Organisations. You will need this to buy cartridges. It also allows you to buy any (and any number of) sporting rifles or shoguns in Categories C or D1.





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Posted by Bloobell - 4 years ago

Thank you so much brodeuse, that is very helpful. I will pass it on.

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Posted by brodeuse - 4 years ago

Have a look here, there is a section about transfering arms into France.