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Insurance with CA

Posted by lakeman-415065 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by lakeman-415065 - 3 years ago

Thank you all for your comments.  On balance I will not be insuring through CA.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

People seem to forget that insurance companies are there to collect premiums,not to pay out,Banks allow you to fill their coffers with your money and then take every opportunity to steal it in charges and fees, then try to control when,where and how much of your money they allow you to spend.sabc15.

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Posted by cactus07 - 3 years ago

i found them cheap for the first year then expensive after that look on lynx.fr they are a comparitive site very good 



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Posted by brittanyfairies - 3 years ago

I had my house insurance with them, my house was flooded for 9 weeks in 2013/14. Initially they were good giving a lump sum to make sure we could pay for temporary accommodation.

The claim was a large one but they turned it into a nightmare and it took seven months before I even got a payout. I had to appoint my own expert at my own expense in the end because they were trying to pinch down the amount of the claim so much I wouldn't be able to rebuild the house. To the point of only paying to replace 3/4 of the plasterboard on the wall because the top 1/4 hadn't got damp. They caused me a lot of stress.

Once everything was agreed they've been fine at paying out on production of receipts, but after the experience I changed companies.

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Posted by mikec-403539 - 3 years ago

Have found them to quote cheaper than some other insurers but would hate to have to deal with them over any claim based on the experience I have had using them as a bank for both personal and business use. I have always used AXA as my local guy will always match any other quote I get - but be aware that they quote high in first place. They agents can also be more flexible over payment plans to suit you. When I had to make a claim for a burst pipe flood he was out the following day and agreed an immediate settlement of 500 euros which was paid into my bank a week later.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 3 years ago

We use MMA for our house and car insurance. As someone has already said, the more you have with them the more discount you can negotiate (and I say negotiate as we 'suggested' a discount might be in order being as we were already customers!). So we had 2 free months car insurance and their quote was already cheaper than our previous insurer here. Our local office is in Roscoff and we have always found them to be helpful and courteous.



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Posted by montypython-428832 - 3 years ago

Definitely not the cheapest around.  Nor the most helpful in my opinion, but I think it depends on the branch you use. 

We were awarded CMU-C by CAF several years ago - it was backdated to January (after months of paperwork back and forth) and we'd been paying a mutuelle to CA from January to October - did we get our premiums back - NO!  In spite of even writing to the ombudsman - not a penny (and it equated to well over 1100 euros!)


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Posted by suziepops - 3 years ago

Got a cracked windscreen in the UK last year and they wouldn't let us get it replaced until we got back to France.  We returned to France within 4 days but took another 3 weeks with Car Glass faffing around.   Not happy.  We said we would pay and they could reimburse us but they said they might not because it might be too expensive.  As it turned out, the windscreen replaced in France was much more expensive.

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Posted by Burt Lancaster - 3 years ago

Used them for all very good, moved because as in the UK you need to shop around and move, would go back in the future without hesitation.  Also the more you put with them the cheaper things get.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

Hi. can't really say if they are good or bad,never needed to claim yet,but the CA we use in St Nicolas Du Pelam the staff are helpful and they speak a bit of English,but a couple of weeks ago when we added my son to our car insurance it took nearly 2 hours and then had to go back the next day which took the best part of another hour,but I think their premiums are  competitive.sabc15.