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Invitation to a meeting at our Bank.

Posted by zadora - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by shepherdscrook - 4 years ago

We got the same letter from our bank and it went straight in the bin as they already have all our details and they haven't changed so will not be arranging a meeting!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Philealing - 4 years ago

So, did this meeting ever take place and, if so, what was it all about?

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Posted by Fish24 - 4 years ago

For general information -The following was printed in Le Figaro newspaper back in March 2015 and concerns new restricitive possibilities regarding cash transactions for French consumers:-



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Posted by Farthing - 4 years ago

Never attend a meeting without knowing:

- the purpose of the meeting

- the agenda for the meeting

- the names and functions of those attending the meeting.

It would be reasonable to inform the bank in writing that you will agree to attend once those facts are established and agreed to your satisfaction. This is normal commercial / other practice I would have thought - even if the police invite you down to the station!

It is also a courtesy that allows you to prepare better for the meeting.

You might also ask for what action the bank would take in the event you do not attend the meeting and the legal basis for their reasons.

I'd email these requirments politely to the bank (presuming you have youy own 'conseiller' ) agreeing to a meeting date a reasonable time after your reciept of that information. 



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Posted by Chrispy-108529 - 4 years ago

Janes, the police would not come knocking on your door but would impose reporting requirements on your account by the bank. One question Janes - when did you work in a banking compliance department?   To the OP, i would suggest that you are cooprative with the bank at your meeting and explain any difficulties that you have in providing information. I know it is not what they asked for but Zoopla will give your UK house approximate valuation

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Posted by janes-394036 - 4 years ago

They are perfectly within their rights to ask you to account for a transaction or to ask for proof of identity or proof of address, and even, at a push, to explain how you support yourself. But the rest, I don't think so.

In your shoes, I would go to the meeting, but only take with you what you want and ask them to explain what all this is about. In all honesty, it sounds to me like a case of extremely poor customer communication. I had a very similar request from Barclays in the UK a few years ago.  Like your bank, they'd already had copes of passports etc. I wrote to them and told them what I thought of their customer service and closed the accounts. Strangely, although it was years ago, the police have never been round knocking on my door, nor have I had a problem opening new accounts or with existing accounts. 

And changing banks is hardly 'doing a runner'.

You've really nothing to worry about ... unless you are money-laundering ... or supporting a prohibited organisation ... So don't put up with it.

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Posted by chemin vert - 4 years ago

I would imagine that they are just checking you financial position as you divide your time between the two locations. I was asked to make an appointment at my bank once and I'm sure that it was because I didn't fit the norm. I was British, working in Germany with a house in France. nothing to worry about unless you've got something to hide. Checks on money laundering are everywhere these days. I had to prove my identity before a UK solicitor would take me on but my Passport, UK Driving Lisence and Military ID card, all showing my name and photo, were not enough to satisfy them.

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 4 years ago

Why do banks need to know the value of your house to prevent money laundering?  You have a house valued at 100000 euros, you suddenly put 200000 euros in your banks account and tell the bank it's the proceeds of your house sale......

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Posted by Chrispy-108529 - 4 years ago

Change your bank? You still need to answer the first. You do a runner and they will most probably file reports as I said above.. .

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Posted by janes-394036 - 4 years ago

I'm sorry but why do the banks need a written valuation of their two houses to avoid them money laundering. With our bank, particularly on the business account, we frequently have to account for monies received (by sending the bank a copy of the invoice it relates to) or payments made (ditto). Especially if it is a large amount. That's fair enough. It sounds to me as though your bank has sent out a blanket kind of letter and hopefully if you pop in and see them, they will be much clearer about what they need to know and why they need to know it. Otherwise, like I said, change your bank. There's plenty of choice out there.