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Letter titled: Attestation sur l'honneur de residence fiscale

Posted by LAURAMB - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Murphyg - 3 years ago

Has anyone got a copy of the form as I have lost mine somewhere?

I cannot find a copy on the internet or CMB webpage so any help would be very much appreciated as we are not back in Brittany until April earliest.

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Posted by barcodepeople - 3 years ago

Hi Laura

We got one too from Credit Mutuel, it basically says what is outlined below.

I think it must be a new requirement.

The only thing I'm not sure about is, is the tax code your home residence tax code as there is no explanation. I am going to ask the bank, they also want proof of residence for tax purposes in your home country, I'm assuming a letter from the tax authorities will suffice.

Designation du beneficiare des revenus


Income Beneficiary


Nom, Prenom

Ne(e) le


Addresse du domicile


Numero d’identification fiscal


Surname, first name

Born on

Born At

Home address


Tax identification number


Le soussigné certifie :

être le bénéficiaire effectif des revenus pour lesquels le bénéfice de la convention est demandé ;

avoir la qualité de résident de fiscal de..................  depuis le // ;

 ne pas posséder en France d’établissement ou de base fixe auxquels se rattachent les revenus ;

que ces revenus ont été ou seront déclarés à l’administration des impôts de l’Etat de résidence.



I hereby declare that:

- I am beneficially entitled to the income for which the treaty benefits are being claimed;

- The beneficiary is a tax resident of …………………… since // ;

I do not have any establishment or permanent base that this income is attached to in France; - This income has been or will be reported to the tax authorities in my country of residence.


et reconnait


que l’établissement payeur appliquera la fiscalité des non- residents aux revenus (dividendes et/ou interets) dont il est beneficiare


que toute fraude est susceptible d’entraîner les consequences peneales telles que prevues par l’article 441-7 du Nouveau Code Penal



And recognises 


- That the bank will apply the non resident taxation to income from (dividends and/or interest) of the beneficiary.


And that fraud will cause a penalty as outlined in article 441-7 of the new penal code.



Fait a …………….. le //


Done at ……………  on the //


Signature du beneficiare des revenus ou de son représentant legal precedee de la mention manuscrite


“J’atteste sur sur l’honneur l’exactitude des renseignements mentionnes ci-dessus"


Signature of the beneficiary or legal representative in their own hand proceeded by the words. (in french)


“I certify on my honour the accuracy of the information provided above”

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Posted by buster-784461 - 3 years ago

You are declaring that you are tax based in uk & do not have a 'base' in france that could be your tax residence!

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

I told you what it said, first is where you live and second is declaring you have no revenue from any business or property in france, its because you have a French bank account, its tax chasing.

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Posted by cardeno lis - 3 years ago

Hi Laura  We have received a similar letter from Credit Mutuel de Bretagne and I am still unsure what we are signing - I have requested an English translation from the bank as Google translate failed us on this occasion.



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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

First line is where you reside and second line is declaring you have nothing in France you earn an income from, as you probably know if you own and rent out a property in France then you declare income in France and pay related tax in France.

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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago