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Mandat Sepa B2B

Posted by megellans-642355 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

PS the late payment fine usually gets applied automatically within days of the deadline. Have a look on your account and if it is showing, then the sooner you dispute it the better.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Are you sure you've paid the cotisations, have they come out of your bank? Because usually if you miss the date or if they try to take the payment and for some reason the direct debit is rejected, they don't try again. It's up to you to pay by cheque.

I would keep an eye on your bank account and see if it gets taken. As long as you can show you sorted it out as quickly as you could, you should be able to get the late payment fine knocked off with no hassle. But if it drags on for months they might start to get difficult about it.

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Posted by megellans-642355 - 3 years ago

Ok so the Mandat is for CFE.  I tried to pay the cotistaions on line again and this time it worked.  I read a note somewhere that they had issues with the website in January- i will argue that if they try to give me a fine- I went on on 31st January twice and was told paymnet on line was unavailable. Thank you for the links.  I will try to get this Mandat off with the right RUM number now 


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Posted by taxes - 3 years ago

first off all, how do you used to pay your cotisations?online and from a bank account?

I always did it trough the autoentrepreneur website (http://www.lautoentrepreneur.fr/) login and then 'declarez et paye en ligne'. once you are in there is a menu on the left and you will see 'mes moyens de payment' go in their and it will tell you to print the mandat and send it to your bank.

I did not need to do this as I always paid from that account already and the mandat was already in place. I have now added a second acount and need to send the mandat to my bank to get it going.

I suggest you do it quickly as you will get a fine for not paying your cotisations!


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Posted by nbdreamon - 3 years ago

try this link for details


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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Well one place you can find a mandate is on your espace pro on the impots website, in the bank accounts section, that's where I found one before Christmas. But whether this is anything to do with cotisations I don't know. Are you sure the email is about cotisations? I keep getting an email called "Rappel : envoi indispensable du mandat de prélèvement SEPA interentreprises à votre établissement bancaire" but it doesn't mention cotisations, I thought it was about CFE. I printed the impots mandate off and took it to my bank ages ago and they managed to take my CFE. They also managed to take my cotisations at the beginning of the month. But I still keep getting the email. All a bit baffling isn't it.

Try looking in the "Mes moyens de paiement" section on netentreprises or whatever portal you use - I just had a look there, and it has a record of my bank account with a mandate box checked.