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Posted by Bolt123 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by AFJP - 4 years ago

I may agree with some of what "Kanak" has written.  Normally, it would be important to bear the following in mind :

To do and send a "requête" to the Tribunal, before the hearing, respecting the time delays and "la forme" ...

Upon receipt of your "requête", the Tribunal in turn adresses a copy of it to the organism concerned ... they in turn will give their observations, within a specific time delay (normally 10 days).  You then get a copy of their observations in return ...  Concerning, the medical documents, those can be sent to your own doctor, if this was requested beforehand.  After that you will receive per registered post a "convocation" to appear at an audience, 15 days before the date set. 

You can go on the day just to the convocation, but it can also be possible,in view of numerous dossiers, that all that happens is that it is postponed to another date.  At least with the groundwork of  a filed "requête" within the time delays, you may have more chance that your dossier is in fact "pleaded" and "prêt" to have a decision taken ... I say this, because for anyone having to deal with the french judicial system,  your dossier is one amongst hundreds perhaps ...who is in "economical need", court postponements and "renvois" can be very frustrating and disheartening ...


I hope this helps ...


I remain at your disposition



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Posted by Bolt123 - 4 years ago


He just has the date/time and to take all medical papers.

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Posted by Kanak - 4 years ago

Hi bolt123,  Sorry you have got to the point of going to the TCI.  If you have  the convocation, it will be soon, and must be disconcerting for you.  You don't say whether you have passed by conciliation, or have any new elements to present.  Your post asked whether anyone had ever attended this tribunal, rather than appealing for assistance, or so it seemed to me.   So much has to be got right regarding 'le fond' as well as 'la forme' that I would not dismiss any part of the french administration as not being 'rocket science'.  It can be complicated and long.   I hope it goes well for you.

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

I go up in April in Pontivy, send me the correspondance he has had I'll look at it for you. Its not rocket science .