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Nasty Experience - Property Destroyed

Posted by dozygirl-10045474 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by d.browning - 3 years ago

similar thing happened to a neighbour years back, the farmer waited until he'd gone to work and then cut down 3 large oaks, without so much as a word before-hand. neighbour sought an explanation , only got a mouthful of drunken abuse, so went to the mairie, lo and behold mairie wasn't interested as the farmer was a committee member. so neighbour took the farmer to court, won the day, and farmer had to replace the trees ,was fined €3000 and told anymore misdemeanours would mean prison !

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Posted by Gogo Yubari - 3 years ago

Sounds like a simple misunderstanding. If I were you I wouldn't blow it out of proportion. Ask for the wood back (cherry is great for burning) and be friendly towards your neighbour, you might find he compensates you in other ways.

The Breton norm, when asked something, is to be negative in the first instance but allowed time to mull things over there is often a positive outcome and often with extra benefits.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

You've got to take stand a here-otherwise the farmer will continue to walk over you, maybe because he used to own your land, or tried to buy your land in the past and couldn't, or one of his relatives used to own your land or any one of a dozen other scenarios embedded in local imbrogllio that you are not aware of.

We had a similar attitude from an unpleasant individual who covets our land and one of our barns, found walking about with his dog on our land and got told in no uncertain terms to sling his hook.

Hasn't come back and now ignores us.

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Posted by hazy2 - 3 years ago

As annoying, unfair, frustrating and stressful as it is, you'll be lucky to get an extremely annoying Gallic Shrug. As a previous poster said, farmers are a law unto themselves. The mairie office might be sympathetic but unlikely to be able to do anything.  Maybe he will compensate you with a corde of wood. Tell him the tree was yours but he probably wont care.  Thats the way it is in rural Brittany.

Where we lived, a farmer cut down an avenue of beautiful oak trees along the lane to us, including one that was clearly ours. They didnt care, the lovely tree lined lane is now sparse hedgerow and looks horrible.  We moved.

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Posted by dozygirl-10045474 - 3 years ago

It's been dragged onto his land now but surely it shouldn't matter if it was rotten or not.  It wasn't on his land.  It was on our land and belonged to us.

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Posted by GoneandDunit - 3 years ago

Maybe keep what's left of the tree to prove it was not rotten.

Posted by Joyce - 3 years ago

If you have Protection Jurisdique, either separately or included within your house insurance, then you could perhaps contact them for their advice.  If you don't have this then see what your local mairie has to say but don't get your hopes up as farmers usually are a law unto themselves!