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New auto-entrepreneur rules?

Posted by Tanith - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

Did mine today and there were no extra tax categories, just the cotisations/impots and the formation tax as usual. Is it perhaps the new chamber fees for artisans and commercants? 

As the rules evolve there seem to be more and more differences opening up between the different categories so I think when people post about AE they need to say what they're registered as.

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Posted by RobJ-443327 - 4 years ago

i am also intrigued on the new tax catergories..can someone inform..think its time to get an accountant...any recomendations..

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Posted by BettyJo-415770 - 4 years ago



I would also be interested to hear about the additional taxes (obligatoire) listed on the declaration if anyone can explain these.

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

There is no new rule, it's just that they are tightening up, and it's not so much a matter of what you're registered as, it's down to the exact activity that you carry out. Some activities need insurance and some don't. Obviously people shouldn't be carrying out activities that need insurance if they don't have it, and that was always the case. The only thing that has changed is that you now have to put your insurance details on your paperwork. 

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Posted by Parfait-440630 - 4 years ago

What about the new rule regarding insurance? Does this apply to everbody or is just those who are classed as Artisans?

What about 'Multi Servies' do they need it too?

Many thanks



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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

These changes have been discussed on this forum over the last few months - if you do a search you should find the threads.

You need a separate bank account but it does NOT (at the moment) have to be a compte pro, although some sites seem to suggest that it does.

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

Hi there worryers , I have been doing the transfers on to the new listings ie Chambre de metiers etc and there are some shysters trying to make you take  formation thingy but it is not Obligatory if you are all ready registered , you just do your new registration , which costs between 60 and 66€ depending on the dept you live in .. and thats it . you do not have to take an exam or anything , just if you do have qualifications and certificates of such take them along when you register ...

If you have a problem PM me I'll explain it to you , ...  FREE OF CHARGE AS WELL

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Posted by Brainstorm - 4 years ago

I noticed all the changes too, but I will have to read as I didn't see the Dec 19th dedicated bank-account so thanks for pointing that out.

But insurance for all... what about those of us who don't need insurance because we work in our own workshops miles from civilisation/the public.

In 2010 I was visited by a government body (saying no more) and I was told I had to stop working as I had not yet allocated my staff car-parking-space? One person one car... I drew an X where my car (staff) just hapenned to be parked on my one hectare of land on that particular day and they went away happy quite happy.... never heard any more.

This was I must stress nothing to do with the AE, but it often seems that once we get settled and used to a system something changes and the whole sorry process has to start again.

I hope the AE system doesn't keep morphing until it  eventually  becomes as ridiculous a situation as that, i'e: no workable, because I do actually enjoy holding my head high and sleeping at night because I am legal.... Though often cmpletely wrung out with all the paperwork.

Best of luck to you