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Pound to Euro at 1.425 today

Posted by rabbit-390317 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by rabbit-390317 - 4 years ago

Currencyfair.com if it says 1.425 on xe.com they will give you 1.42 and only charge 3 euros for doing the exchange. I have used them for two years now and found them very good and very quick, previously used currencies direct but they were always at least 2.5 centimes lower than currency fair which on transfers of 10,000 is significant.


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Posted by retr-388344 - 4 years ago

cheers Martin

Priceless info!

still looking though!!!!

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Posted by Dueller-813343 - 4 years ago

I usually have a look at this in the morning for a quick overview, the rate updates are every minute, and the news updates are only once a day or sometimes two days (there are live rate sites that have charts etc available via google search).


The news updates are just below the rate display, click on the heading for the info.


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Posted by Martin-381860 - 4 years ago

Dont trade pounds to euros on a Friday, it always drops a bit as traders take their weeks gains. I hope this helps.

Kind regards, Martin

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Posted by retr-388344 - 4 years ago


thanks for the replies.

on thethe UK internet comparison sites here the best I can see is 1.3750 - 1.3800

I am trying to hold on in case they go further but it is getting a bit worrying in case they drop nearer to Easter.

Any advise??


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Posted by Le Motard - 4 years ago

If you search the comparison websites there are credit cards available in the uk which are free for transactions abroad and give the headline rate on the day the transaction is charged to your account. You can also withdraw cash foc but interest is charged immediately. I have one from Halifax and its brilliant . . . its called a Clarity card . . . oh and I have no connection with the Halifax other than as a satisfied customer . . .

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Posted by sanjon-627351 - 4 years ago

Hi Retr,

I have for many years used,

Tom Holian
Dealing Director
Foreign Currency Direct plc
0800 328 5884 / +44 1494 725353.

Business is always done over the phone on a nice friendly basis, he confirms everything by email within a couple of minutes and I've never had a problem.



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Posted by retr-388344 - 4 years ago

Hi all,

Where are these rates available to purchase?????

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Posted by Azur Models-658123 - 4 years ago

Yes, I remember 2008. Alot of Brits living on UK pensions or working there having to go back home.

Happy times..

Now, it is the Americans who are living the "high life" around the world.

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Posted by Brian Stone - 4 years ago

Now just a shade above 1.40.