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Problem with Auto Entrepreneur

Posted by flynnboy - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

You used to be able to register if you could prove you had previously run a business and all your tax affairs are in order, I got an attestation from the inland revenue stating the type of business, when the business started and a statement that all my tax affairs were in order, I originally registered as a micro via the chambre métier, commercant is someone who sells stuff.

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Posted by flynnboy - 3 years ago

I'm in Ille et Vilaine not Pays de la Loire ?

Does anyoe know the difference between AE and EI (Enterprise Individuelle) ?


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Posted by steve the painter - 3 years ago

Yes, I agree, it is a nonsense, but AE was not introduced until 2009, and you were running a business before that, presumably under another regime. These new  rules are for all AE's, and you just can't get round them I'm afraid. But I do understand how you feel - we have all felt the pain recently!!! You will also have to provide any diplomas you have in order to join the CDM, which is also mandatory.


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Posted by flynnboy - 3 years ago

Our Mayor rang up the C de M for me and they told her I would have to do the course. Don't really know what a 'Commercant' is but I have a friend who does the same thing as me and he is on AE. What is the turnover limit for a 'Commercant' ? I had an email confirming my place on the 'stage' and it said I could not register until after it.

Of course there is nothing wrong with improving my language skills and that is exactly what I shall be doing, but some of you just seem to be missing the point here? Before I was registered in 2005 my Accountant rang them up and told them I had an established business etc etc and they told me I didn't have to do it. I don't care what some have to say, I can tell you it will teach me nothing and will be a complete waste of everyone's time and energy, and I have to wait until APRIL which means that we have no Carte Vitale or anything until after I can register. I'm sorry but it's a nonsense.

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Posted by MockTheCasbah-979852 - 3 years ago

We second that chevrefeuille.

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 years ago

You have chosen to live in France. What makes you think that you schools be considered a special case. Improve your language skills and take the course, you might even find I useful.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

When you say 'they will not let me register', do you mean that the computer says no or have you been to the chambre de commerce or des métiers or URSSAF and talked to a real human being and asked them if they can advise? Two possibilities might be if you show them your recent business paperwork and also records of your previous business in France they might well agree to exempt you, they do have that discretion. Another possibiity may be that you are trying to register in the wrong category and you should be registering as a commercant ie a trader, you sell things. If they agree that you should be registering as a commercant then you won't have to do the course because it is only for artisans, commercants don't do it and also it will be beneficial to you because you will pay far lower cotisations.

Unfortunately if they won't agree then the bottom line is that those are the rules and if you want to join the scheme, that's what you have to do. I don't see how any avocat or accountant can change the law for you, you would waste more time and money over than than driving to Combourg and doing the course.

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Posted by camion - 3 years ago

Flynnboy, if you had a business here in 2005, did you not do the "stage" when you originally registered? If so, I can't see them making you do it again?