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Property Purchase

Posted by sandpiper - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

You can always try a different notaire, if one doesn't want the hassle.

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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 4 years ago

A friend of ours tried to do this, putting a substantial deposit on the house,to hold it till their holiday home here sold, it was a good holiday home size and price, they knew the seller, and he agreed to two yrs having had a X3 deposit. It was the notaire that refused to do it.

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

phlophf is 100% correct I am in this process at the moment with exactly that clause in the compromis

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

When they sign initally, the parties agree the length of time the clause suspensif will run. This will be based on whatever is deemed resonable (and do-able) in the that time frame.

If the purchaser cannot complete within that time there are 2 main options - the first is to ask the seller to agree to an extension and if they do all will continue in a new time frame

 However, if the seller is not prepared to extend then the contact is void - the purchaser can lose the deposit and the seller can readvertise.

Our buyer asked for an additional 4 weeks which we agreed to and completed after that.




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Posted by sunshinebeach - 4 years ago

Hi There . I was just reading your post, as I have been trying to find out how long a purchase is legally allowed to have to receiver their loan  after the compromis de vente being signed. I know tha if it doesnt happen then they dont lose their deposit. But for the seller, where do they stand, can they still advertise their property? I have read different things, one site said it is only 30 days, another said it is 45. If you know anything please would you be kind enough to let me know. Thanks so much in advance

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Posted by sandpiper - 4 years ago


I would like to thank everyone that responded to my question & with very useful information to which I am very grateful.


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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

The answer to your question is yes.

We were asked by our agent/notaire to accept a suspensive on the sale of our last house.

the buyer wanted twofold clauses - both to sell his house and to get a mortgage 

more relevant still, he was not french  but belgian and the sale of his house was in belgium and his finance also.

we did accept the clause and he came through on both counts


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Posted by Dibbyspot - 4 years ago

There seems to be some differing views. You can make an offer before the agreement to buy but you need to push the agent/notaire to move on negotiating the price down - affects their fees/commissions. There are many French properties on the market so agents are not as proactive as in UK.

We negotiated a 30% reduction on the selling price. The sale does take a long time especially if the property has land attached.

As stated earlier here do not be pushed to buy, location is everything. Bon chance!

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Posted by Frelon - 4 years ago

Sandpiper, do not be rushed into buying your French house, there are plenty about and it is a buyers' market.

The best advice I can offer is to rent a property in the area that interests you and see how it goes.

You may not like the flies in the summer (cows in the fields around your house) or the long drive up to your house in the winter (through the snow). Is broadband readily available, how far to the nearest hospital, do the local doctors speak English etc., etc.,??

Good luck.

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Posted by evenevenmoreantibs - 4 years ago

My understanding is that you can put what ever you want in the Clause Susponsif, whether the seller accepts it is up to them.

I was told by our agent when we bought here that a clause such as the one you want wouldn't be accepted but that could just have been another one of his lies.

We took the gamble that our UK sale would complete in time, although we did give ourselves a months buffer between the proposed UK completion date and the French one.