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Registering self employed in france

Posted by ronsmum - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

What exactly are you asking?Do you want to register as a self employed person because you really want to work here  and have to to earn a living or are you only registering so you can access the healthcare system.If the latter then you can join the health system without working if you have an income of €9601 pa from for example an occupational pension

In respect of how the system works forget all about the NHS system in the UK;basically you have health care providers eg Drs hospitals etc who are tied into the French Health system.They will bill that system for the services they have provided.The Fench system pays 70% of the cost and you the patient are expected to cover the 30% remaining usually by top up insurance.This means that what you pay into the French Health system is totally seperate from general taxation etc and will depend on your income whether you are working or not.The exclusive Healthcare web site has a good explanation.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Not sure what you're asking.

Some of the rules for registering as an auto entrepreneur have changed slightly.

AFAIK there's been no significant change in healthcare since last year.