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renting a house

Posted by Petrina-439782 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Petrina-439782 - 3 years ago

Thanks for your reply and link. 

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Posted by Petrina-439782 - 3 years ago

Thank you Kanak for replying. 

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Posted by Petrina-439782 - 3 years ago

Thank you so much Harry, lots of good info there. 

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Posted by Harry Dresden - 3 years ago

You have more rights if you rent on a long term bail. You have 3 years on the bail and if the owner does not offcially renew the bail you can stay on as long as you like. As long as you have not done more than 20% of the value of the property in damage and pay the rent up to-date then you cannot be chucked out.

The only way the owner can get you out is to say a close relative or indeed him/herself needs to live there and they have to give 6 months notice. However between the end of October and the beginning of March they cannot get you out even if you don't pay the rent. If you are registered as disabled they would struggle to get you out at all.

Conversely, people rarely get their deposits back and you are supposed to leave the places as you found it so you need to thoroughly check the état de lieux when it is done and read the contract closely to make sure you are not down to look after something expensive like an old fashioned heating system. Ongoing stuff like servicing a chaudière or keeping the basic plumbing or electrics going are down to the tenant but anything big, not.

This means that your quality of life may be affected as in my experience landlords won't do anything major unless absoultely pushed legally. The garden is classed as down to the landlord but you may be required to keep it neat and tidy so this needs verifying if you have an acre+ of trees and hedges to look after. Things to look for whilst doing the état de lieux - signs of mould, asbestos, state of the fosse septique if there is one, electrics, gutters and plumbing.

Ghosts are not good either  if you are sensitve to these things - one house we rented we found that no-one in the village would go in or visit because a little girl died of cot death there.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Info here


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Posted by Kanak - 3 years ago

initial contract furnished 1yr except students, unfurnished 3yrs... various conditions regarding notice to quit etc. according to system. A lot depends on which tax breaks the owner wants to be in too.