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Running a UK internet based company and moving to France.....

Posted by Tizzler - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by babydriver - 4 years ago

As a resident of France you have to declare your worldwide income in France and pay taxes as appropriate. All income you earn whilst physically present in France is taxable in France and not the UK, as is savings interest etc. Certain types of income are still taxable in the UK but the DTA ensures you dont pay tax twice on the same income. 

That wont make a lot of difference to you. You may even pay less income tax in France.

What will affect you more is that as soon as you cease being resident in the UK, the UK is no longer your competent state for social security. You lose your right to pay NICs and belong to the NHS (because NHS membership is residence based), and you have to join the French social security system and start paying contributions to France. Your company will find this very expensive, relative to paying employers contributions for you in the UK. Theres also a fair bit of admin to sort out, and as a resident of France your contract of employment will have to conform to French employment legislation. Start here: http://www.anglais.urssaf.fr/index.php?option=content&task=blogcategory&id=276&Itemid=5493 . Its not optional, you have to do this.

Think about it carefully and dont be under any illusions that moving to a different country is like moving to a different part of the UK. It isnt , because you come under a completely different set of tax, employment and social security legislation. 


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Posted by Tizzler - 4 years ago

Appreciate all the helpful responses and encouragement!  Clearly need to seek some expert advice and I'm grateful for the suggestions made.

I have no plans to dodge my responsibilities, I'd just like to avoid paying twice!   

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Posted by JohnnyVegas - 4 years ago

I read somewhere this little saying.

If you start and finish your working day in France then you are working in France.

In other words you will need to pay tax in France, it's not impossible to do but you will need to seek legal advise rather than guess at it or try to bend it to suit as many do.

don't be put off by it though but be prepared to work at it to make it work.

bon courage! 


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Posted by clacway - 4 years ago

The Best company to contact is called SITI based in St Brieuc they specialise in UK companies trading and paying most of their taxes in the UK; you will be surprised how many French Nationals pay their Tax in The UK  however your healthand a few others  cotistions will need to be paid here

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Posted by Renard35 - 4 years ago

If you are making phone calls or faxes from your "Office" or home here in france and you are a resident of france it is classes as working then yes you most certainly do have to declare.

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Posted by Kev-Maria - 4 years ago

I do not see any prob. if you are going back and forth to the UK to work and never do anything "work" related here on French soil. Just come back for the weekends & fill your tax forms in each year.

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Posted by - 4 years ago

I moved to France in 2009, still working for a UK internet based company, and did so until I retired. The system is very complex and costly, to administer the taxes and cotisations there has to be an office here in France. It cost the company I worked for a lot of money to pay my cotisations. There is an accountant who will advise you on all the requirements. He advertises here on AI.

I don;t know if I am allowed to give his name in the forum, but if you cannot find it in the classified email me direct

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Posted by mechanician - 4 years ago

Be Careful!

If you are resident in France, then you are liable to French tax on your income and you will have  tax problems for the company with both French and UK tax authorities. A person we know in our commune was running a UK registered immobilier company here in France and paying UK tax only, he was closed down and fined.  You need to contact one of the UK/France tax advisors on this matter.

Look in the directory on Angloinfo