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Selling a house

Posted by Rapier - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

Unfortunately it is a buyers market. I suspect you are not alone in having no takers after 3 months. Essentially, it depends how motivated you are to sell. In any sale the critical issue is price - as long as your house is priced competitively you should not be at a disadvantage.

Certainly put it with a Notaire and advertise in Le Bon coin as these seem active sources of leads. I wish you luck as it is frustrating.

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Posted by Rapier - 3 years ago

After 3 months and no contact whatsoever from the agent ,not even a courtesy call to say no enquiries or whatever,we are now putting our own sign up with a contact number and we shall see how it goes.



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Posted by Mervyn Weston - 3 years ago


I have my house on the market with 3 agents. None of them have my property in there windows. I asked them why not and they said as they were not the soul agent any person looking in there window could call on you and make an offer, thats why. How the French agents make a living I am at a loss. They just don't do anything to make a sale.

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Posted by BarbaraG-424788 - 3 years ago

I personally would be leery of doing business with someone who wanted to cheat the immobilier out of their fee. Their advertising (sign) brought you the buyer, so it is their introduction. If you put your own sign out, that would be different (I see you plan on doing that).

I know that to some Brits the agent fees seem high, but the house prices are low, are they not? This is France; best to go with French laws and practices.

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Posted by steverockers-392585 - 3 years ago

The agent always has the option of not diplaying a 'for sale' board outside your property if he is worried about people going direct to you instead of through him.

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Posted by Rapier - 3 years ago

Things haven't progressed by way of a potential sale and I have now prepared my own particulars (in French and English) and propose to place my own board outside,in addition to the agent's board. I know the usual AV etc description but wish to add the equivalent of 'enquire within'.My question what is the common term used in French,if any? 

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Posted by ingetje - 3 years ago

so what if the agents see this post? he has nothing! nothing signed and no work done for this potential buyer by the agent...he might have seen the ad online for all we know at the agens web site....and knew where the property was...no harm at all.

For example if you see a property by 1 agent for a price and you then see it at another agent for less (because their fees are less) then you can still buy it with the cheaper agent even when you have signed a bon de visit with the first one! yes this is legal but nobody knows....so dont feel bad, everyone wants to save money and if you can sell your house this way then do it! I really dont see the problem.

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Posted by Penny Sheldon-880709 - 3 years ago


It would appear morally this is giving you a dilema, also working on the assumption that you have not been advertising anywhere else how would the potential buyer have found your property ? 

Also assuming you have registered with Angloinfo in your own name, your agent may have already read this post, clicked on your member profile and found out who posted .

Good luck but I do hope you do the right thing in accordance with your conscience.


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Posted by Watty-794352 - 3 years ago

How weird!  I thought I was typing two words in 'bold' type, but it has appeared with the word 'strong'!!

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Posted by Watty-794352 - 3 years ago

I would be very careful about selling to this purchaser without his going through the agent.  Are you certain that they have never registered with that particular agent?

My situation was slightly different.  When I sold two years ago I was approached by the purchaser (who had originally viewed with an agent, but had signed no contract with them), who made me an offer and said that he wanted to bypass the agent.  (I was also advertising privately.)

I wasn't happy about this on both the moral and the legal level and when I looked into the legalities, discovered that, if the agent found out and proved that the purchaser had been introduced by them, not only would strong>HE be liable to make payment to the agent, but alsostrong> I would.  I told the buyer this and we eventually agreed a price through the agent (who also agreed to cut his fee considerably).

Don't forget that the agents regularly produce a list of all the properties sold with the names of the purchasers.

Does viewing your 'for sale' board constitute an introduction?  That's the question.