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Selling - Capital Gains Tax

Posted by Octagon-392659 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Octagon-392659 - 3 years ago

Thank you everybody - a great help - especially evenmore and tinabee.

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Posted by tinabee - 3 years ago

There is a simulator available here

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Posted by Breeze-906262 - 3 years ago

I think if it's a holiday home you need ownership for 22 years before it's CGT free, but that it starts reducing by so much a year after you've owned it for (I think) 10 years).  I last sold a holiday home when the ownership requirement was 14 years and I had owned it for 12 years - the CGT was very small.  Do rememer that you can only claim spending on your house if you have an artisans receipt. Also there is a ruling about what work can be done.  I found when recently buying another house that the people I was buying from could't claim back for putting in a new bathroom or a new kitchen plus a load of other jobs because the house already had those things, replacements don't count.  If for example you have put in central heating and there was not previvously central heating you could claim for that.  Worth checking with a notaire.

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Posted by Harry Dresden - 3 years ago

Look on service public for a breakdown of the taxes and social charges involved though this is for second homes only. II it is your only home then there is nothing to pay.


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Posted by evenevenmoreantibs - 3 years ago


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Posted by hazy2 - 3 years ago

Plus Value or Capital Gains Tax is due when a maison secondaire is sold, not on permanent home. Plus Value is due on the difference between your buying price and tbe sold price. Notaire fees are taken intto consideration, so is the diagnostics bill and any registered artisans bill.

If you have sold for more than you paid, at a very rough guess you could be looking at around 20% of the difference minus bills as outlined above.

This is a very rough guide.

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Posted by chemin vert - 3 years ago

Is it your only home? Has it increased in value? Without knowing all the facts the maths is impossible.