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Sick pay question ???

Posted by c2oafc-383379 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 4 years ago

I found the calculation here !



as I thought it was wrong, I have contacted my employer and they will rectify it as it there fault they gave the cpam a figure that was not correct, due to Holiday pay coming from another source ... so gonna be sorted ... when who knows ?

I will explain simply the calculation...

lets say your net salary is 1,000 euro net per month just for ease ...you do have to take off your CRDS and CRDS non abattu... but on 1,000 euro these will total approx 5 euro so I have ignored that in the example!

its your previous 3 months salary added together  then divided by 91.25, then you get 50% of that

1000 X 3 = 3000 / 91.25 = 32.87 x 50% = 16.43     ( I.J.NORMALE)  ,

this amount of 16.43 euro is paid for every day ie 7 days a week

so for a month of 30 days = 492.90 euro

and a month of 31 days =  509.33 euro

hope this may help someone some day

regards Chris

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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 4 years ago

Hiya Kanak, already had first hand done, on 24 March , second one due 5th May , next Tuesday so should be on the mend then , thanks again, me too Hi Ho , hope it wont be too long, hope your well now too , regards


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Posted by Hi ho! - 4 years ago

Hi Chris, I had a spinal injury 8 years ago, and my mutuel (Radiance) paid out in full for the year. Hope yours will not last that long. Good luck.

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Posted by Kanak - 4 years ago

Hi c2àafc,    you could start by trying www.ameli.fr, the page indemnités journalières was last updated 04 mars, and see where you fit in.   Sorry about your hands, before/if  you get sent for surgery, have you thought of trying a bunch of vitamin B?

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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 4 years ago

Hey folks we are in France I forgot!!!

I get some pay from CPAM, then my mutuel PRO BTP as I am in construction, will be paying some top up.

Heres the funny part as its a Maladie Professionelle (carpal tunnel)... I will have to see yet another Dr eventually to confirm this staus , being a Maladie Prof also reimburses me my transport costs and I should loose nothing in regard to pension / holiday pay etc for 2016. This decision I have just been informeed will be made in due course I was told this  by 2 letters AR , one for each hand ..... as I have a dossier for each hand .... so glad they didnt count my fingers !

The upshot is these letters informed me that they require another 3 months to look into my case for each hand. This is seemingly normal and I know somebody who has a meeting with a Dr at the end of June, even though they had the same as me done last July. This meeting is to confirm their status ie maladie pro , and to establish a percentage of disability... and if all this goes favourably they should recive any shortfalls in monies , holidays entitlement plus the 3 days carence, apparently !!

I would like to know and understand how they calculate my Indemnites journalieres, which is marked as I.J.NORMALE on my statement.... very confusing ? Also PUSHKIN I hope you soon recover soon  and KANAK   thanks for you kind wishes....

all the best Chris

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Posted by Kanak - 4 years ago

accidents de travail are in a different category from sickness benefits, which in turn depend on your caisse, salary, numbers of years of service etc, and yes, after that has been decided,  your mutuel, if have one, will top up, depending on your cover.  there is not a one-size fits all answer to this, so check with your caisse/mutuel.  Hope you get your strength back soon.

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

I had a works accident in April 2014 and am still on full benifits , so nope they don't drop ..