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Taxe exemption

Posted by jackandjill-436361 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by jackandjill-436361 - 4 years ago

Many thanks to you all, 

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Posted by Field18 - 4 years ago

It is possible for French residents to be exempt from tax d’habitation and reduced tax Foncieres.

The exemption/reduction is automatic based on their tax reference.

Therefore in order to qualify you must meet the following criteria.

1 Resident in France.

2 Be in the French tax system, ie have at least one tax return with RFR number. (taxable income amount)

3 Taxable income must be below an amount set annually by tax office.

4 Be above a certain age. I believe it is currently 60 for tax d’hab, not sure of tax fonciere.

5 No, maison secondaire owners do not qualify unless they are French resident and subject to French tax.

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Posted by brian2bin - 4 years ago

Any Maison secondaire owners are looked upon as well off in France and get no help with any things at al,l tax exemtion or otherwise. You must declare tax details in France to exist in the system if you do not you get zero. If you want hand outs UK is the place to be not here for sure .

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Posted by suziepops - 4 years ago

Any reductions in fonciere or/and habitation are automatically applied.  You will only qualify if you are French resident, on a low income, and over 60 for taxe d'habitation, and I believe it's over 75 for fonciere.  No reductions for maison secondaires.