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Taxe Foncieres

Posted by tezzy - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Watty-794352 - 3 years ago

When I sold in 2013, I received the bill for 2014 at my new property, even though the tax office had been informed that I had sold and even though they had details of the new owner.  This is quite normal here and is why the notaire gives you three copies of the Attestation.

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Posted by Emu-408495 - 3 years ago

A further complication might be the need for you to complete a French tax return next May for Jan to Sep 2015.  Local tax office will explain what you need to do.  I dont know if UK will require proof of you living abroad when you fit back into the system but I wouldn't be surprised.  Good luck with your sale and move.

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago


our signing is 17th  but because we were waiting for the buyers to get there loan before we could put an offer in a house in england (we couldnt rent because we have 10 dogs and 3 cats) we put a clause in that we are allowed to stay in the house if we need to until 8th October to give us time to find a suitable property.

We will indeed go to Callac and pay the taxe foncieres for the whole year,but  i dont think we will get another bill because we wont be living there any more the property will obviously be in the new owners name.

We have already sorted out our phone and electricity  we will be recieving  bills for them to our new property and will pay by debit card..We have a payment for internet coming out  of our bank on 17th and then we only have to pay from 17th upto the day we leave,which will be settled at the Orange shop when we take the box back.

So we are quite sorted just were not sure about the taxe fonciere.

We havnt had to pay taxe Habitation for a couple of years.



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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Also, if any unexpected bills arise after you have got rid of bank accounts etc. you will need to effect a currency transfer to the relevant people from the country you will be in next.I understand that telephone/internet providers can be tricky to settle.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

I think it's all been said, but just to clarify:

The bill you've just received is for the period 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2015.

The person who owned the property on 1st Jan of the year in question always has to pay the full bill for the year.

It's convention for the purchaser to reimburse to the previous owner their proportion the bill, if the property changes hands part way through the year. But if they won't, you can't make them.

You shouldn't receive a bill next year, it should automatically be sent to the new owner.

The same will apply to the taxe d'habitation bill which you'll receive soonish, EXCEPT that this is never normally shared. That's because the taxe d'hab bill is calculated on your declared income for the year so is personal to you. You and the new person would have different reductions/exonerations depending on your personal circumstances, so sharing somebody else's tax d'habitation bill would make no sense. 

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Posted by callac4ever - 3 years ago

You pay the whole of the taxe habitation. Give the notaire a copy, he will arrange the regund with the buyers gor you. This is what M.Pellegrin has always done for us. Because you are leaving the country he may also decide to detain some part of the proceeds incase taxes are still due.

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Posted by paul & nadine - 3 years ago

The person who owns the property on 1st January is responsible for paying the tax fonciere for the whole of that year, up till 31december, even if the property is sold during the year. The person who owns the property on 1st jan is also responsible for paying the tax habitation for the whole of the year. If the property is sold during the year it is customary that the new owner will refund the part of the tax habitation, and that the notaire will work out how much is due, and ensure it gets paid. 

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Posted by Watty-794352 - 3 years ago

Further to your last posting, you will have to pay the Trésorie for the whole year.  The arrangement at the notaire's (with your purchaser) has nothing to do with the Trésorie.

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Posted by Watty-794352 - 3 years ago

Just to let you know, you will also be sent a bill NEXT year.  You will send this back to the Trésorie along with one of the copies of the Attestation that the notaire will give you at the signing.  (This proves that you sold the property in 2015, so don't lose it!)

Also don't forget to take with you to the signing proof that you have paid this years' Taxes Foncières.  The notaire will ask if you have paid this (and any other outstanding bills).  He will then make any necessary financial adjustments.  I'm sure you're aware that whoever is in residence/owns a property on 1st January is responsible for the payments of the Taxes Foncières and Habitation for that coming year   ...   you wouldn't have paid this the first year that you owned the property, asssuming that you didn't take possession ON 1st January.

And, just a thought, if the signing is 17th you will have to vacate the property on that day.  From your post it sounds as if you are planning to leave later! 

And, don't forget to take your passport with you!

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

Hi all thanks for the replies. Things get complicated dont they.

Nothing has been arranged with our buyer about paying the taxe fonciere for the rest of the year.

we will ask the notaires when we do the signing.it might be that we just pay for the whole year as it would be less complicated.