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Tenant Farmer rights vs. landowner

Posted by monacoet - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

When we moved to our house because it has 22 hectare,the Notaire explained in no uncertain terms,do not let/lease your land,because you will be unlikely to get it back,and to watch out that a farmer does not just appear and plant crop on your field and claim the available grants,we have a couple of fields across the lane which we rarely checked,when we did there was a nice crop of cereal  growing,tracked down the farmer he was from another village,denied it was our land and refused to be pleasant,so I took matters into my own hands and sprayed it with weed killer,came round shouting and hollering,but I stood my ground,told him if he did it again I would spray all his field,his wife came around a few days later and apologized and promised it would never happen again.which so far it hasn't.sabc15.

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Posted by jon1527-382280 - 3 years ago

Shortly after we purchased our place 16+years ago we were asked by the local farmer if he could use some of our land for potatoes.We were invited to a meal etc ,etc. While we wasn`t there he set fire to the hedgerow which bordered our / his land to gain access-without our concent. Upon taking advise we declined his request. He never spoke to us again. He was trying to grab the last piece of land in his area.   New owners beware!

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Posted by genie-382498 - 3 years ago

If doing it properly via your trusted notaire using a translater if needed it will all run smoothly, if it is done on an add hoc basis yes it will come up and bight you!  We have proper contract, drawn up by our notaire, signed by all parties involved and paid every year.  Read the details of what you signed for and abide by the conditions you will be fine.


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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Too late now but anything involving farmers and renting/letting them use your land is a minefield in France which usually inoilves some Brit being hoodwinked by crafty French peasant then them all having a laugh about it in the bar!!!!!!! and then the Brit ends up loseing the land or a load of cash trying to get it back

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Posted by avoican - 3 years ago

It might help if you just sort of mentioned where this problem is as Avocates can't cross departments ad lib .. And if they do you pay for it (a departmental representative ) Agricultural renting laws are very specific , normally once you have rented the land out you can't get it back . If you wish to sell it its with a sitting tenant ... And yes if you have neglegted to raise the Lease rate (Fermage)in the 17 years its your loss .. but if he hasn't paid why have you left it so long to react ?? I believe its actually impossible for you to owe him money unless he paid the land taxes , if he did  you will owe him the money ..