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Urgent- Establishing British Nationality for a French baby

Posted by DaisyDaisy-423493 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by vichy-445734 - 3 years ago

Dear Daisy,

Everyone's circumstances are different, obviously you can't and must not give to much info on this or any open site, this is to personal. 

Like previous posts please seek professional advice, 

Wishing you all the best 



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Posted by janes-394036 - 3 years ago

Just repeating what everybody else says really. Your child has the right to British nationality automatically but get proper advice for custody and payment

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Posted by airpo - 3 years ago

I would like to reiterate what Maias Mum said, get proper advise.

Child custody and moving a child between countries is a minefield.

All I can say is that from personal experience custody will be fought out in France.

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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

They don't even have to choose.  In France you are allowed to have dual nationality.


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Posted by Busted1 - 3 years ago

My oldest daughter has a young girl from her French partner and we just asked the Consulate in Paris for a passport for her and got one , its the childs choice at 18 which nationality they choose as an adult !

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Posted by Maxed - 3 years ago

My advicve would be DO NOT take any advice on here, but go to the proper authorities for best advice. This is far too important an issue to rely on social media  to get a definitive answer. I really do wish you the best of luck.