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well water and fosse regs? no certificate required?

Posted by oops! - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by davel-383163 - 4 years ago

Anybody who is confused, has every right to be confused, as far as I can see it is different from commune to commune, inspection to inspection and probably installation to installation.

and if you want to see how this beaurocratic mess is arrived at watch last nights BBC2 programme 'Quelle catastophe' about the financial mess that France is falling deeper into and the unfathomable beaurocracy that fuels this all over France, 5 million beaurocrats employed in France, some of it was beyond belief.


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Posted by e taylor - 4 years ago

I have a newly installed fosse which is 5 metres from the well..It has been given a  certificate and has been passed by SPANC, the commune etc. It is a microstation system, as the type of fosse allowed was specified by OCIDEE before installation. However the difference here is that he say it is allowed due to a loop hole, so it is THAT which is the deciding factor. It isn't sensible for him to install an unsafe fosse as it could affect his health, but it may be perfectly safe. My tank, incidently, is tiny. And the offrun is clear water which then runs into the water channels. 

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Posted by davel-383163 - 4 years ago

it's actually 30 metres away from ANY piping that evacuates into to your fosse.

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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

My fosse HAD to be at the front of the house as the well is at the back. Contain mating the water in one well is likely to affect water quality in others nearby.

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Posted by LangeHaas - 4 years ago

Virago, indeed, if you dont use it you need to have an attestation that you dont use it and then its fine. you also have to block it off. Been there last year, so know what the rules are :)  that is what our Spanc told me at least.

Posted by Joyce - 4 years ago

"you cant have a fosse witin 30 meters of a well!!"  -  Well, you'd better make SPANC aware of this as they designed my recently installed fosse septique and it is a few metres away from my well, though this particular well is unused if that makes any difference?

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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

Personally I wouldn't stir things up with the neighbour unless you fear his new setup will pollute your land or drinking water supply.  If he has done something illegal and your comments to the Mairie end up with him being prosecuted your life will be Hell from then on.  Too many Brits come here and start nitpicking every rule and reg. they can find and stir up trouble.  Think about it.  We are the incomers and they have more than likely lived here for generations.  A friend of mine with a totally valid complaint tried to go through proper channels after dealing directly with the neighbour bore no fruit.  What he didn't realise at first was that the Mayer was a cousin of the neighbour and took his side.  Game over.

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Posted by LangeHaas - 4 years ago

I am actually worried about his health :P

you cant have a fosse witin 30 meters of a well!!

he can do what he wants until someone calls him out right...up to you to do something about it if you wish

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Posted by Rolls Royce - 4 years ago

This isn't advice for you to complain - it's advice to let you know that if your neighbour has done what you say he has then he's contravening regulations.

Hence 'go to the Mairie'.

You say you are worried re where his sewage goes to!

Otherwise, why are you asking?

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Posted by oops! - 4 years ago

im not complaining on here.... just asking friendly advise...

friendly advise greatly received