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Wet Day so let's complete Tax Return!

Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Jussy-414312 - 4 years ago


Follow this link for a good laugh about doing your taxes! 

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Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - 4 years ago

Breeze - Yes the AIKB is very good to support those who need it and I am actually a member but I am sure Maggie will be over run with enquiries so prefer to do it myself and was only stuck because of it being weekend and neither the CPAM or the Office des Impots were open  for me to telephone.

Anyway, this is the information I have just been given from the CPAM.  It is preferable to attach a copy of your attestation de droits a l'assurance maladie, as we did last year showing the Code 70.  I explained that mine had expired - it seems that they are only issued for 6 months duration now, so if there is any one else out there - order yours quickly - takes 8/10 days to come.

So the Office des Impots (at Guingamp) said, send copy of old one that has expired and then send copy of new one when it arrives.  Problem solved!

Heavitree - The Code 70 shows that your medical fees are paid for by the UK and therefore those with Code 70 are not subject to CSG for that purpose.

Hopefully Maggie will tell you the same if you contact her at AIKB.

Will now be getting my Tax Return in the post - another job ticked off the list - yipee!

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Posted by Breeze-906262 - 4 years ago

Sorry - that should have been fee not feel!

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Posted by Breeze-906262 - 4 years ago

I read your problems and my only thought was "Thank heavens I belong to AIKB and can ask for their help with this sort of thing."   To me, apart from the social side of life which would be far less interesting without my membership, the small annual feel each year that results in me having a really knowledgeable person at the end of the phone or across a desk to answer my questions, fill in forms I don't understand and make phone calls on my behalf is well worth it.

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Posted by Heavitree-431035 - 4 years ago

What is code 70 please ?