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where do we stand

Posted by bakewell tart-428768 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Grebo-210000 - 3 years ago

What happened to goodwill?

it appears that the purchaser & seller are on this site. At least an offer to help would be appreciated I'm sure. 

Wouldnt sit comfortably with me if I took over €200 for a kids present & there was a problem. I would at least try to help rather than adopt the get lost you paid for it & learn a lesson attitude. 

Seems a lot of the friends of the vendor are defending him on here when they should at least be encouraging him to discuss things to help the lad. 

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

I bought my lads Chinese quads brand new,they had to assemble  fill with oil etc,gave them an insight into the maintenance of the quads,after a year we were replacing parts,I think if it were me I would put it down to experience and move on,parts a plentyful and cheap for Chinese bikes,good luck.sabc15.

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Posted by 001sugarplum - 3 years ago

Monky - some of us have lived here a very long time and are willing to help out those who haven't. Some of us speak French. Some are married to Frenchies. It's a good place to ask advice. Just be wary of the replies lol!!


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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

"Reveuse   I still don't see this as a major problem - doing repairs is all part of the fun experience of owning a cheap dirt bike. It's how young petrolheads learn about bikes and engines."

Well said, and having had to repair his own bike after (maybe) being a little too heavy handed with it will be a much more useful life lesson than just waiting for his parents to take the seller to court.  It has to do with taking responsibility for one's actions rather than blindly seeking compensation for anything that goes wrong regardless of fault.

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

"its not the best idea to ask people on a english web site for help when we live in france."

Golly, an awful lot of us have been getting it wrong then. 

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Posted by tim brady - 3 years ago

I think that if the OP was prepared to pay for second hand dirt bike from a free clasified ad and make a deal for the price, she will have the funds to persue a claim for through the legal channels even though she will be on a hiding to nothing.

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Posted by monky - 3 years ago


It will not help.

No receipt and it was up for 250 an offer was accepted for the 225 so this waives your right to a guarantee this is french law and it was running at the time of sale.

It was then used for 3h before going wrong thats too long.

It was also a long time before they made contact as far as we can all gather

Sorry but i have been here before and i spent lots of money trying this, i lost, you then have to pay all the cost's.

This chap that sold it could just say i dont know anything about the bike then its end of story.

I think we all must stop now as its not the best idea to ask people on a english web site for help when we live in france.

Only a handful of people have been here befor i was one of them.

If you need help ask your mairie thats what they are there for.

All the best to all.


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Posted by LucyBee - 3 years ago

Hi Bakewell Tart,

Sorry to hear about your son's bike problem. I can imagine that Christmas was ruined for him ! I don't know if it will help, but i had a similar problem with a car i bought. I have a (french) solititor friend who will be quite happy to give you free advice and help. Have pm'd you. Good luck.

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Posted by monky - 3 years ago

Rudge and gsx1400 your in the right .

As i had my own motorbike shop in the uk nd sold this type of bike as from the time you left the shop thats it no come back as they are not a brand like ktm or yamaha but it would be the sam if it was a ktm or yamaha.

Its a off road bike ?

I must say that we need to here the two sides so if the chap that sold the bike could just tell us his side it may stop people rushing in and post thinks with out knowing.

All the best and happy new year.

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Posted by Rudge - 3 years ago

I am with GSX1400 on this one , the bike was running fine ok when sold for a modest cost, it sounds if it has been ridden by a novice with lnone or little mechanical sympathy as well , off -raod bikes can be vulnerable to ignorance, and rider abuse as well , as mentioned a good opportunity to learn the basics of mechaniics and maintenance with help and guidance . 

I speak as an ex Honda/Suzulki/KTM qualified dealer, rider/mechanic and UK MOT tester for many years .