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Gluten Free (Sans Gluten)

Posted by Iguana Rock - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

Thanks everyone. We have someone staying with us for a few days so just need it for her visit. I might buy the flour or bread mix from the Bio Coop, that probably sounds like the best option.

I didn't think the sliced stuff I saw in Geant Casino looked very nice and it seems from your comments I was right!

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Posted by Mark&Kath - 4 years ago

You can buy it in the Bio section of most supermarkets.  As other people have said, it's not very nice but is OK as toast.  I've learnt to live without most of the time because it's not really like proper bread and it's hellishly expensive.  Now and again, I give into the cravings and have some gluten free toast with my boild eggs.  Doves Farm in the Uk produce gluten free bread that is good enough for sandwiches.  Some internet sites do send it overseas.  Why don't you get someone to bring some over for you to try and then you can decide whether it's worth your while to have it sent out regularly?


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Posted by nelly15 - 4 years ago

Having lived gluten free for 2 years here I have tried most of the bread it is truly horrid. I've tried making it and not had much success. If you can find an artisan baker you are very lucky. I am going to have one more go and make buckwheat bread. Found a recipe on the net and looks simple and does not have a thousand ingredients. At least I know what is in it, something that does concern me.  

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Posted by Bolt123 - 4 years ago

Saint Malo du Trois Fontaine, near Ploermel. they are an Artisan baker, it is very good.

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Posted by giftedmidfielder - 4 years ago


The Bio Co-op in Carhaix sells a range of Gluten free products.

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Posted by Blair Allison - 4 years ago

If you can get into making your own it will be so much better. You can buy ready made gluten free blends, or buy your own. A lot of GF recicpes call for a gluten free flour blend + an additional GF flour. However some recipes are easier and just the GF blend is all that is needed. 

Of course you could go one step further right from scratch, it is certainly a challenge! 

There are loads of recipes online. The only catch is that you will need either a powerful hand mixer or stand mixer to incorporate plenty of air bubbles, other wise you will end up with a very dense loaf.

Using xantham gum added to the flour also helps to replace gluten and provides a soft and pliable texture more akin to normal gluten free loafs. I can't remember if Biocoop or other organic shops sell xantham gum, if not try the internet, otherwise I have plenty of it I would be happy to sell some! 



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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 4 years ago

We tried various ones for my daughter while she was staying here, all pretty awful. So ended up buying gluten free flour and making our own.  kerbian farm now sell gluten free products, but not bread. 

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

sorry about the typos - hope you can make it out!!!


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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

To be honest the reday packed supermarket stuff is  gross. In super U they sell gluten free brioche which is a great improvement  on te ordinary bread. These products are disproportionately expensive for what they are.

Occasionalyy we find some palatable fresh gluten free in a boulangerie but you need to search.

Alternatively - we make saracen gallettes and use it like a wrap.

bon chance

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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

It would help if you say where you live.

There is a large range of gluten free in the E Leclerc in Carhaix.