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Making bread

Posted by vichy-445734 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by perina-426758 - 3 years ago

The numbers on french flour refer to the "whiteness" or "wholeness" of the flour:
150 is 100% wholemeal flour
55 is the whitest, most refined flour
For bread (and pasta) you need "strong" flour, which contains more gluten than ordinary flour. So you need to buy "préparation pour pain" or farine de blé dur".
We use the Super U "préparation pour pain", but even this needs extra gluten added. You will find the gluten in bio shops alongside the flours.
The longer you knead the dough, and the longer you let it rest the better the bread - we make a large batch of dough and leave it in the fridge for several days until we need a loaf, then just take out the amount needed, and bake.

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Posted by vichy-445734 - 3 years ago


When I next pass our two boulangeries I will have a look to see if they sell flour. 

I must admit it's rather a long process, kneading, proving e.t.c but I am going to have a go ,I have read some yummy recipes. 



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Posted by paul & nadine - 3 years ago

We get our bread flour from a local baker. Not all will sell it, but it's worth asking.

Paul R


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Posted by british-423218 - 3 years ago

Hi are there any gluten free bread recipes any one can recommend ,regards Sue.

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Posted by genie-382498 - 3 years ago

this one is radical to say the least but it does work and no kneading..... oh and all purpose flour is the cheapest white PLAIN flour you can buy, I adjust the salt - been using this for a couple of years now.  http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com/2010/02/09/back-to-basics-tips-and-techniques-to-create-a-great-loaf-in-5-minutes-a-day

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Posted by malcolm1-10066606 - 3 years ago

Its not rocket science , teaspoon of salt , 200 gms brioche flour , 300 grames of white , brown or wholemeal flour , 80 gms of butter 300 cl of water 1 packet of levure boulanger and mix it up ... in the machine or by hand perfect bread ! I do mine every 3 days have done for years !!


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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

I use a Pansonic Bread Oven and it gives perfect results every time unless I make a mistake.  The other makes seem less reliable but I have to say the bread is better if I source the flour in the UK.  French bread flour makes good French Bread but if you want a Chorleywood loaf then it has to be flour from the UK

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Posted by knobdog - 3 years ago


Type 55 flour is plain flour.  Type 65 is strong flour.  Bread can be made with either of these

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

It is worth buying a cheap bread maker just to mix up the dough and its also handy for making pizza bases, we had more luck with a bread maker using ready mix's, its usually throw first loaf away make slight adjustment to liquid, then sometimes throw next one away and make more adjustments and when you get it right make no future adjustments whatsoever. Next phase is get some wet sand and form it into a small mound, cover it in wet clay, let clay dry, clean out sand and voilà bread oven.

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Posted by lakeman-415065 - 3 years ago

Just as an afterthought I also use Chabrior Brioche mix following the instructions on the packet to make a great Brioche.  Using this mix and adding 4oz of sultanas and the finely sliced peel of one orange and one lemon makes a great Pannetone.  Luxury!