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Sausage Casings.... I thought

Posted by HarleyRider58 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by les wazzo - 3 years ago

Soak them in a couple of changes of  water then run water through them for a couple of minutes; otherwise they stay salty on the inside and you end up with very salty sausages.  Otherwise they are the best thing to use for all types of sausages, and you can also freeze them.  Just put them straight from frozen into cold water and after a couple of minutes you can untangle them and rinse the insides.  These are proper sausage skins - not those horrible artificial things, which I once bought on the internet and have never used since.

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Posted by le chef - 3 years ago

You have bought what you asked for, natural sausage casings or intestines, they are dryed and preserved in salt. Just soak them for a while then ready for use.

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Posted by Busterboy - 3 years ago

Is it this one


There is also one thats like a net bag thats for stuffing with pork - like a hamberger , called 'crepine/crepinette.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

That sounds a bit like andouille- pig's gut sausage.

I only made that mistake once.

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Posted by fortnum - 3 years ago

intestene   I think