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Posted by sabc15-427548 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Tryval - 4 years ago

Best of luck Sabc 15, I had a German friend in Portugal who hot smoked eels, they where delicious straight out of the smoker, his was a bit like a" brico barbi", enclosed fire (ish) and flue where he hung the victims, but I think the quality of the wood chips was critical, 'warsprung durk technique', sorry about the spelling.

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Posted by Martin King-393934 - 4 years ago

Are you near Plemet?I am coming over about the 17th March and could bring some sawdust with me. (I work for a fish company that have a smoking department and may be able to get a sack for a reasonable price)

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

Hi. thanks for your replies,this is my first venture into meat smoking,so just feeling my way,I have just bought a resonable priced electric smoker which arrived this morning,but just can't seem to find any shavings or food quality sawdust,I can find plenty online but was hoping to find some locally,Brico Marche sell Webber bbq & smokers but don't sell the chips or flakes,if all goes well I will evntually build a cold/hot smoker in the garden but for now just the electric one.sabc15.

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Posted by offin16 - 4 years ago


Are cold smoking or hot? If cold you'll most likely need sawdust rather than shavings and if you intend doing any great amount of smoking by far the cheapest way in the medium to long term is to buy a cheap table saw and make your own. It's easy to do, you can choose your own wood (don't use a chainsaw to cut it) and you can easily dry/season the wood after making the sawdust by leaving trays of it in the oven. I found my biggest difficulty was keeping the sawdust burning!

If hot smoking there are plenty of outlets for the barbecue chips/flakes but you could equally use a table saw to cut strips.

Good luck, we have Oak, Beech and Hazel wood you can collect if you need to.

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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 4 years ago

Sabc15 Brico pro sale wood shavings for smoking food. Was in there last week saw it next to their smokers. Just type in Brico pro on search will give you thier site then type in your post code will give you nearest branch.  Happy smoking.

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Posted by Bollydolly-889742 - 4 years ago

You could try....... Amazon.fr and Ebay

Also Magasin Vert, look in the barbecue department of  the large garden centres, Weber do a range of chips.

Good luck :-)

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

Hi.I have tried Gamme vert,Brico marche and other's but they don't seem to stock any,so if I have no luck in the next week or so I will order from bretonne's link.sabc15.

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Posted by bretonne - 4 years ago

It may be worth asking in places like Gamme Vert  (copeaux de bois pour fumage)

You can buy online here - http://www.boisdefumage.com/