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Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by MrsMiggles - 3 years ago

Favourite soup: Butternut squash, onion, crême fraiche.


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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

Couldn't be doing that Jack, no propa' gravy with a roast eeeekkkkk.


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Posted by Jack1-977774 - 3 years ago

Thanks DN, have made a note of that one.

strong>Roasted Vegetable Soup:

Next time when roasting a joint of meat, roast it on top of the vegetables. Be sure to prepare extra.

Put all the extra veg from the cooking pan (with the juices) into a blender and you have Roast Vegetable Soup. Thin with water to get the consistency you like.  Freezes really well (thoroughly rinse out a plastic milk bottle, 1L is a good size).

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Posted by DN-434538 - 3 years ago

Normally I do soup as a day to day meal from whatever is available but I have made Soup as a special dinner party starter. The below recipé is a little fussy but looks and tastes very good. (It has been very popular anyway).

Cream of 5 onion soup with garnish. 75 gms butter, 400 gm white onion,400 gm white of leeks, 200 gm Shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, (more to taste if you wish), 500ml Chicken stock, 500ml of cream (pouring thickness), Salt, to taste if using fresh stock, do not add salt if using stock cubes.

for the garnish

Two scallops per person, cleaned without the orange roe. Chorizo sausage two 2cm long pieces per person/ could be a firm black pudding instead. Chives chopped.

Fine dice the onion leeks shallots and garlic, melt the butter in a large bottomed pan on a very low heat, add the onion mix, clarify and soften so there is no bite left in the onion mix. (if not using stock cubes add salt). Using a blender puree the soup base. Add the stock and heat to a very gentle simmer and finish by adding cream. Do not boil after cream is added.

For the Garnish, fry the chorizo pieces, starting them with a little olive oil to get them to leech their colour, the aim is to just slightly char the cut edges of the chorizo and get the red oil to run.

For the scallops, a very short cooking time is essential, dependent on thickness 60 to 120 seconds is all that is required. I use a cast iron skillet capable of taking very high heat, I have a saucer of olive oil and dip the edge of the scallop into the oil just before it hits the very hot pan, I start putting them in at the 12 oclock position whilst I count off the time then working round the clockface put them in the pan and take them out in order, so they are caramalised golden brown each side yet unctuous in the middle, and each one is just cooked.

For the service, I use the flat wide  type soup bowls so they are only shallow. The object is to have a very white soup, with two islands of golden scallops and two of reddy/brown chorizo then a slight swirl of the red oil and a sprinkling of the vivid green chopped chive.

As the actual soup can be made in advance it is not as complicated as it first seems.


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Posted by Terrence-10054058 - 3 years ago

allways freeze your leftover baguettes, then grate the amount you desire into your choice of soup gives a great flavour and thickens the soup. Also add some mashed peas with a small amount of mint sauce superb, they are all things you have probably got in storage.

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Posted by chris1-400976 - 3 years ago

Beetroot, parsnip and a little milk to thin it a bit.

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Posted by Colomban - 3 years ago

If I make a couscous I usually save some vegetables, chick peas and broth from the cooking.  Whizz up the veg and chickpeas, thin with the broth, add extra harissa if cast-iron stomach, and serve with pitta bread.

Very warming!

(Puts pinny on and heads for kitchen....)

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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

On that principle valbonne, wine / beer / spirits are equally just flavoured water - so that'll be a wine gum with your H2o then

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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 3 years ago

thanks Kerana ... I usually eat in the resto through my job so a soup in the evening is both sufficient and warming ... Hence 5 times a week ... Weekends well we go mad !!!!


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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

Well  said Chris. Soups are great and a good food for when you haven't got time to prepare a decent meal.