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Super U Malansac Mathematics

Posted by georgeV-988991 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by babyblue-407061 - 4 years ago

Any special offer that I pick up I always take a picture of the promotion leaflet on my phone any issues are easily cleared up usually with an apology. 

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

I can happen the other way around.

Last year  Le Clerc Carhaix had an offer on wine cubes 12.90€ buy one get one half price. It was one we like so purchased 16 boxes. Got to the till and was charged BOGOF !   Result 8 purchased 8 foc. Went back in and purchased another 8.



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Posted by stogang - 4 years ago

Super U.

The last twice I have been to the one in Josselin I have left my trolley and walked out.

Wanting to uses the self service, yes I had a trolley but only a few items the ladies attitude was applaling wagging her finger.

Last occasion busy store with only  3 checkouts open, people were queuing down the aisles.

Never use it again, far better service in LeClerc.

Rant over





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Posted by Minette-426629 - 4 years ago

The funniest one of these I saw was at Super U Plouer.  A wised up Englishman on holiday had seen that his special offer beer had not gone through at the special offer price.  Unperturbed by the language barrier, he nipped back to where the beer was piled up, removed the very large sign showing the very reduced price, came back to the till and pointed and smiled.  She got the message and he got his cheap beer. He was so polite he even went back and refitted the sign.  I always check and have 'saved' a fortune .

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 4 years ago

It is sadly the case that the people of the checkout  have no incentive to point out these errors. The management in most cases though embarrassed are only to happy to gain the additional income.

A sod the customer mentality exists in big business everywhere. Wise up and ensure that you are not robbed as sadly many others are. Live and learn.

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Posted by Tregadilet - 4 years ago

Read the thread on here about "Self Service Checkouts"! the same thing occurs again and again!   it pays to be " Diligent and to  Check"  this  at all times!

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Posted by Fitter - 4 years ago

"Never attribute to malice that whch can be explained by stupitidy"

Having been caught several times at various supermarkets by the same mistake you have experienced and by the common mistake of the same single item entered on the bill more than once, now we always check the till roll before leaving the store.

Never have received an apology yet though.