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Supermarket Veg

Posted by jimbo99-445600 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by jimbo99-445600 - 3 years ago

does waitrose do mail order vegs ?    ;-)

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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 3 years ago

We were told a couple of years back that Lidl's supply chain for fruit and veg starts in Brittany, hence the fresher fruits and veg, we have a huge Hyper U (Plamcoet 22) and the quality of the ** fresh** is more miss than hit, staff moving fresh produce to the back, whilst bringing produce not fit for sale to the front and that smoke, gas they let waft over it, what's that all about...... selling the sizzle not the sausage.

I agree also that I have seen people just picking pre-packed produce without even a glance as to its quality. No wonder the supermarkets are expanding.

Our local market, Jugon Les Lacs on a Friday has a good selection but is very expensive, I think the French use the market as a way to show off to their friends and neighbours, bit like shopping at Waitrose in the UK. The veg lady also does Lamballe (15 mins away) market on Saturday morning and she marks down her prices......

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Posted by e taylor - 3 years ago

In Britain it is true we were used to having a greater range of fruit and veg, available all year round. Here there is more seasonality, so the cherries and local strawberries to arrive. You can't have "fresh" apples etc at this time of year, they have to be imported. Apples fruit in autumn. As was mentioned, buy french produce in season. This may seem lack of choice, but at least it has flavour. In autumn the grapes are amazing, and they don't sell just black or white grapes, they come from named vineyards!   There is more fruit and veg Imported from Spain now, which extends the season. But I don't really think it has the taste. Tomatoes really only have taste in summer, and strawberries early in the season aren't truly ripe or tasty to my mind.  Broclli is out now (I wish they did purple sprouting brocolli here!) but green beans aren't available here until later in the year, unless  imported from places like Kenya. I have seen these at Lidl, as well as mange tout, and other veg which are rare in major supermarkets.

As for a nice fresh bag of salad.. that sounds like an oxymoron to me? It has gases in the pack to stop it going off, to extend shelf life. Once opened it turns to mush!

So if you want choice, I would say yes, Lidl's ..and buy the truly fresh stuff grown locally, or preferably grown in france.

One thing I would like to see is the equivalent of the farmers markets, where the farmer sells direct to you. There were local producers at the agricultural show in autumn selling their produce and handing out leaflets of where their farm was so you could buy direct. Does anyone know if there is a website of  local producers selling direct, please? 

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Posted by Tryval - 3 years ago

Super U Malansac is good for us, markets much over priced and probably the same source, but not the buying power

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Posted by Fish24 - 3 years ago

Fresh grapes come from Chili or the southern hemisphere.  I don't buy in Lidl because everything at the new Lidl here is now prepacked from the cold rooms in their 'Centrale' and not alway ripe so has to be kept a few days!

We have a lovely selection of village markets here on Sundays!!

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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

I've always found the Super U produce good - moreover, you can choose yourself because it's not wrapped.  I would buy packed, wrapped or sachet fruit and veg unless I had to.  Our local market is pretty good too, with local growers who get to know you and what you like.  For example, the apple man doesn't come to market at the moment because the season is finished, so you can tell he doesn't start importing apples when there aren't any more.


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Posted by jimbo99-445600 - 3 years ago

was thinking it might be worth a trip to lorient or st brieuc to see if any food stores there can do better. Am south of carhaix so it seems like the middle of brittany is more 'middle earth' when it comes to fresh stuff. Does Waitrose deliver to Brittany ??    ;-}

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Posted by callac4ever - 3 years ago

Lidl is definitely fresher and cheaper. I shop at Lidl and then only go to Leclerc for any missing items.

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Posted by jimbo99-445600 - 3 years ago

yes concur wholehearted with your comments after nearly ten years here we have had the same - there seems like a massive decline in fresh produce - all other foods other than chocolate and dairy. I can eat better in India - 

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Posted by cornish pasty-394426 - 3 years ago

I've lived here for almost ten years and I'm still surprised when I see such poor vegetables in the supermarkets. I tend to use three shops to complete my regular 'big shop' so compare prices and freshness amongst them all. I will happily pay a little more for fresher produce. On the whole I find Lidl have the freshest produce. What disappoints me most though is how some French shoppers rarely examine the produce they are buying, they seem to buy the items on their shopping list without regard to the quality and thus the supermarkets do not have to remove rotting veg! When I have pointed out to people (I suppose they think I'm a nosey, barmy Anglaise!) that the swede, turnip, lettuce etc. they are about to put in their trolley is far from fresh they generally shrug their shoulders and tell me its on their shopping list. My French friends say the only way to get fresh produce is to grow it yourself, many of them do, otherwise  it is acceptable to just cut off the bad bits! I wonder if the nutritional value of fresh vegetables and fruit is taught in schools here.

I dream of going into a Marks and Spencer for a bag of fresh salad!